Sultry Japanese summer night

Sultry Japanese summer night Before going to bed, I prepare a cold plastic bottle and spray the whole body with a cooling spray. Using an air conditioner will promote global warming. After working overtime, he sleeps for more than 30 minutes in the company’s break room. Even if I go Continue Reading


Patience I feel I have to humbly wait for an opportunity. It is very lamenting that the seeds we sown last year will not sprout. I don’t hesitate about the disappointing results, and I don’t think there are days like this. Being used to harsh reality is a proof that Continue Reading

Scrambling rock’n roll

Scrambling rock’n roll There is a city called Shibuya in the capital of Japan, and there are many young people. I feel Shibuya is a city that emphasizes the morals of Japanese youth. I myself think Shibuya is the biggest popular city in Tokyo. One of the tourist attractions is Continue Reading

There is no answer in life

There is no answer in life It ’s hard because there ’s no answer in life. I have a hard time because I am pursuing real intention. Even if you are worried about the significance of your existence, you will forget everything if you sleep overnight. I forgot to reflect Continue Reading

3 years is enough for pension life

3 years is enough for pension life I want to work until I die 75-year-old elderly truck driver 75-year-old elderly inventory manager 75-year-old civil engineer 75 years old postman 75-year-old elderly convenience store clerk 75 year old aviation pilot 75 years old university professor 75-year-old elderly fast food restaurant employee Continue Reading

Strength training becomes mentally stable

Strength training becomes mentally stable I have experience with judo and amateur wrestling in the past I think martial arts were suitable for my muscular body Especially for judo, I feel that it is a great martial art that can grow very spiritually What is a tranquilizer for you? Do Continue Reading

Company work is meaningless

Company work is meaningless If you work monotonously, you will never get good results I’d like to change my position to freelance or managerial over time However, I understand the fact that it is difficult to live without working for the company I know the rigors of reality and I Continue Reading

Mental management

Mental management Recognize that mental management is a necessary element for success Looking at the people who are successful in business, they feel that they are thorough in mental management. I’m a person who has never really had a successful experience in life and is always on the side of Continue Reading

Silent library

Silent library Today I had been staying at home all the time and so it’s overwhelmingly boring for me. Still not coming Typhoon’s attack to destroy Tokyo area. I prepare for after damaged around household’s situation. Uh-huh… After lunch I went to local library to read some interesting novels and Continue Reading