Recruiting Youtube performers

This time recruiting interviewers for my Youtube video Application conditions Appearance on Youtube video Can speak english Regardless of nationality Planning Interview video in English Details of the plan I’m an interviewer One-on-one interview format Shooting place is Yoyogi Park volunteer It’s hard to say but there is no performance Continue Reading


bald I feel that the percentage of bald Japanese men is very high. I’m not as bald as a white man. The bald state of middle-aged Japanese men is dirty. It is a foolish thing to plant hair when Japanese bald, and baldly should be accepted. The appearance of bald Continue Reading

Henri Julien Félix Rousseau

Henri Julien Félix Rousseau A style like a child painted. An image with a drawing but no perspective technique. More than Van Gogh, the famous painter Henri Julien Félix Rousseau. First I am aware that the existence of rare Pokemon is important. So Henri Julien Félix Rousseau is one of Continue Reading

Non mistaking is mistaking

Non mistaking is mistaking People who are not afraid of making mistakes feel they are making mistakes. I am not afraid of leaving my job and do not want to regulate my life. For my goals, I am happy with my lonely life, leaving my family and friends behind. We Continue Reading

Supermarket check-out

Supermarket check-out Self-checkout is widespread, but there is still a checkout job. What I want to claim is the pursuit of new work and the abolition of useless work. I shop every day at a nearby supermarket. A supermarket without a self-checkout must be a cashier for troublesome use. There Continue Reading

SEO Yoast

SEO Yoast A plug-in product called SEO Yoast is very effective.I run a blog and study SEO measures every day.Yoast has a free version and a paid version.SEO measures mean to make it a top search on Google.Sites that appear when you enter keywords in Google search are the most Continue Reading

Work / hobby / family

Work / hobby / family There are three options. You must choose only one of three options: work, hobby, or family. Which one do you choose? I may have finally chosen my hobby. Arrogant people choose everything and try to balance it. But I think it will give half-finished results. Continue Reading

Cool Japan

Cool Japan Ok There is a Japanese national broadcaster NHK program called Cool Japan. And The content of this TV program introduces Japanese Cool. So The cast is two hosts and a few foreigners in Japan Various Japanese Cool themes change with every broadcast. The opinions from the foreigner’s perspective Continue Reading

Zero YouTube channel registrations

Zero YouTube channel registrations Achievement of zero subscribers My YouTube subscribers are zero. The total number of views is about 10,000. It has been over a year since I started posting Youtube videos in August last year. The total number of posts is 144. I have used Adobe products and Continue Reading

New style

new style Those who seek success should imitate those who succeed. Art genres like music, movies, dramas, models, paintings and photography. To achieve a revolutionary business, you must produce a lonely artist. The existence of the public who is brainwashed by a virtual image and cannot understand reality and essence. Continue Reading


Use of smartphones is prohibited This month’s smartphone usage has reached 18GB. There is a risk that next month’s mobile phone charges will be over $ 200. So I started to refrain from using my mobile phone this month. Since we started mass production of blog posts and posted videos Continue Reading