Recruiting Youtube performers

This time recruiting interviewers for my Youtube video Application conditions Appearance on Youtube video Can speak english Regardless of nationality Planning Interview video in English Details of the plan I’m an interviewer One-on-one interview format Shooting place is Yoyogi Park volunteer It’s hard to say but there is no performance Continue Reading

Stop working is goodness, stop thinking is crisis

My word today If you don’t want to work, you don’t have to work It’s basic thing that you don’t have to work so hard and paying sacrifice. I just serving in a communities and society and I know how important thing working is. But you know working without purpose Continue Reading

How to regain your concentration

How to regain your concentration sleep motion I’m currently making an animation in a room in a countryside apartment. It is very difficult to maintain mental unity because it is close to a lazy life. I worked at a fast food restaurant every morning until recently, but now I’m working Continue Reading


My word today Proposal is necessary to work freelance As a this title that for all freelancer might have many proposal to get demands from clients. You know It’s absolutely different between employee and freelancer. There are differ point of both of two and let me explain about it. Employee Continue Reading


My word today Small investment is meaningless For me meaningless actives are purchasing and participating any party and finally small investing. You know investing is many things that to do paying or acting or taking time for something. Well I think such as small acting and small paying and taking Continue Reading

How to make characters

How to make characters Before making creation that I would let own mind complete empty and not searching some hint of making characters recreation. I just struggling to make creation right now. Everyday life is simply thing for us, you know. If impossible to create anime’s character, I’ll be stopping Continue Reading


My word today A boring job is high risk Once I had some experiences and in this case that I impressed veteran co-worker’s speed work. He was my boss and veteran worker and his speedy work was very impressing for around co-worker. such an exemplary existence was for employees. But Continue Reading

Rental housing

My word today This theme is …. Rental housing I just would love to choose the way to feel freedom in lifetime. General people may say it that it must make an excuse to strictly law or something like it. Well I just don’t wanna commit something for stably. Rent Continue Reading

Saturday evening

Saturday evening When I was named various body parts in English, I could not made it. Now I do making Animation movie to post youtube and then you have to name each symbol body parts of animation characters. All body parts of name I didn’t know Forhead pupil Eyebrow Eyeshade Continue Reading


My word today I don’t get a pension, so give up and work until I die Are you accumulating annuity premiums smoothly? Perhaps a monthly notice of future pension benefits is sent out by the Pension Service. Well I hope to get pension monthly from pension office in future as Continue Reading


My word today If you get tired of acting, you can quit Please don’t be too strict with yourself, but don’t be too forgiving, I warn it. Uhh.. we need to adjust work and home, friends and families. Right now I am confusing to take boring and painful daily repetition. Continue Reading