Я делаю портретную съемку бесплатно Пожалуйста, обращайтесь к людям, которым нужны любительские модели или фотографии для прослушивания


In the industry of this world I knew again that it is divided into two of necessaries professional and amateur. I again learned that amateur is not such a story that technology is declining. Then, I thought that it is necessary to grasp once again what the difference between unified professional and amateur is.
It is natural that professionals are literally paying money and acting on something, and amateurs are about people who can not earn money. Of course I am an amateur as a cameraman and I realize that the part is fact and I always think that I have to polish the technology. It is a matter of course that work is made up of a relationship between demand and supply and there is no need to supply unless there is demand, but I think that we must recognize the fact again. First I feel that the fact that suppliers can be satisfied with consumers is definitely a professional definition. Extreme story A person of amateurs is a self-satisfying world for themselves, and professionals are not acting on their own satisfaction.
Recently I got new and new information again so I want to talk here. It is about the twin pretty girls born between a couple of beautiful beauties. I saw a photograph of what was born in the twins as a beautiful grudge that everyone envies, but it was a convincing fact. Their twin parents say they have decided to model their children soon. I can be satisfied with the fact that I was strongly advised from around him more than I decided on their own dictatorship. It gains overwhelming popularity due to the fact that it has millions of followers in Instagram’s account. It is amazing as saying that the work of the model was decided immediately after having signed a contract from the agent of the two major companies. People of the general public listen to this story and think that the twin model girls are making a lot of money through model work. But I thought that there is a big misunderstanding in this story and I must understand it. It is a topic I talked about at the beginning of professional and amateur.
Even if a stylish and elegant person is immediately appointed as a model, it is still in the realm of amateurs after all, and never a professional model can not be active from the beginning. A product called a model may be good, but the power to be able to give the reader satisfaction by undertaking a job named professional never is not equipped from the beginning. I think that I will learn the work of a professional model at work site but I can not do anything from the beginning and can not do anything I can predict as a premise. The twin girls surely think that the merit of not having to go to model school by the power of a woman’s appearance is being made use of specs but after all they do not have the skills of that professional so they themselves It is not utilized at all as a place of expression of.
I am currently trying to understand the mechanism of cameras by self taught, and the rest is polishing practical techniques every day. There is no doubt the fact that you are purchasing camera equipment at a rate of once a month and carefully reading the instruction manual each time and studying firmly. Anyway, it is important to touch the camera everyday It is important to study the mechanism of each camera. More than anything, it is very difficult for amateurs to do something by doing it in a tense world in improvisation. In taking a picture with hundreds of photos in a day’s shooting, if you make one setting of the camera, you can not respond to the demand of the consumer and lead to reparation of time and money. There is certainly a pre-shoot, but troubles and mistakes in production can never be tolerated in the position of a professional. It is impossible for humans who are not knowledgeable and experienced to keep harmony of well-known familiarity and the atmosphere of the site that can respond with improvisation.
The parents of the twin girls are very costly with miscellaneous expenses, accommodation expenses and other expenses. It is because it is still not professional that no accommodation expenses or travel expenses from the agent of belonging at all. I think that some galleries will naturally occur but after all the twin girls are obviously fewer than professional guarantee because they are amateurs. According to the story of the twin girl’s parents it says it is a big deficit. Still they think that parents are upfront investment for the future of their children and let their children continue model business.
Human beings who are satisfied with consumers is professional and it is an amateur ‘s imposed problem to polish their professional skills. I myself personally want to improve technology with an amateur modeler as an amateur photographer. I myself are studying the attitude of having a contract with a model person as a professional job. While being in the position of an amateur, I am already looking at things as a position of a professional. Do not touch models anything you should never do for shooting models, do not shoot at low angles and extra chat and communication. For cameramen the model is just one of the collaborators. I would like you to apply for free portrait photography to a model of amateurs who came out quickly. I’d like to do a close meeting and portrait shoot before shooting. Because there is an intermediate conversation skill in English, even foreigners are fine.
Try hard to get out of the field of amateur soon and become a professional worker.

Subject Model Wanted

I am recruiting people living in Japan who are aiming for professional model and will cooperate as volunteer for portrait photography

Application condition

  • People who are okay to upload to YOUTUBE or blog
  • People who cooperate free of charge(Volunteer activities)
  • Men and women OK
  • No age limit
  • No nationality restrictions
  • No race restrictions
  • Even without model experience okay
  • Foreigners who can not speak Japanese are fine


Detailed overview

Currently I am an amateur photographer aiming to be a professional photographer.
I have a camera history of 8 months and I have some knowledge of the camera and I can do a portrait as it is.
I am studying every day in self-study without studying at a camera vocational school.
It is very troubling because there is no subject model necessary for practicing portrait shooting if it is a style studying alone.
Anyway, I have to practice a lot of model shooting and I can not approach the professional photographer ‘s technology and now I’d like to practice focusing on portrait shooting anyway.
I am afraid of free photography cooperation but I think that it is a very good opportunity for those who are aiming for professional model.
Basically you can choose pictures to upload to SNS.
Of course, those who are not aiming for a professional model are okay, but those who do not like being upgraded to SNS can not apply.

Please do not hesitate to contact me :]

Thank you

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