100 years from now

100 years from now

I am not sending messages to people living in modern society.
He works for future generations.
In other words, I make Youtube videos to share the works of the artist 100 years ago with future people.
I am convinced that I will not succeed as a lifetime artist.

Huge internet platform

We anticipate Internet sites that will remain until 100 years from now.
I think Youtube is the biggest video site.
And I think humans are more interested in videos than images.
That’s why I base my creative activities on Youtube.
I used to work in painting before, but I don’t think it’s possible to leave a work of art physically for posterity later than 100 years ago.
Digital works never rust and rot.

Romance of being evaluated in 100 years

I think humans have to accept that they will die someday.
The purpose of living is to leave works of art for posterity.
Well I am convinced that the global environment probably will be even worse in 100 years.
I want to express the present human stupidity.
But I also want to express that some people are appealing for charity and environmental pollution for the global environment and for future generations.
The theme of my artistic expression is human relations, human nature and social issues.
I want to leave as evidence that there was a lonely, poor and unsold artist 100 years ago.

Human stupidity

Few people are serious about global environmental issues.
Even if you participate in a democracy on environmental issues, you still own a car and use home appliances.
Issues such as continental forest fires and submergence in the Southeast Asian Islands are real.
I don’t think modern people can switch to a primitive life.
Foreign affairs are still in a state of progress, and accidents and incidents are happening every day.
I’m not just watching the human stupidity, but I want to express my own resignation.

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