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For the unemployed me, the state of no income is very unstable and I feel as if being driven by something.

Last night I was disappointed with the special TV show I was expecting and I went to sleep in a state of discomfort.

I think it would be a waste of time if I’m not doing anything in production, so I just need to gather information and study.

In fact, I have always looked at people who spend a lazy life where their father is not doing anything but doing nothing.

I say to myself that it is no good to live like a father who is jealous I am trying to live a hard work every day.

Anyway, it is not good to have no income, so I decided to sell home appliances and earn food expenses.

However, even if I went to the pawnshop selling rice cookers and water heaters, I could not afford to buy or recycle them.

I thought how homeless earns money and I was searching the Internet’s occupation thoroughly on the Internet.

I’m moving a bit and I’m a little busy with the $ 550 monthly rent and the need for insurance and transportation.

It’s been several years ago that I realized that there is actually a job where you can make money with one computer.

You can make money from advertising revenue from Youtube, blog, etc., but you must actually secure tens of thousands of viewers and readers.

I’ve actually been blogging for 10 months, but I have paid $ 5 for maintenance costs for the blog every month without getting any ad revenue.

I started to blog on my own by gaining income from blogs and sharing opinions with readers, but I can not easily monetize.

Once I get an account with Google Affiliate, it is a fact that I get a small income.

My blog’s monthly affiliate income was around 3 cents, a few months ago without income.

I understand the difficulty of earning income as a blogger and I think that I just want to share my feelings purely.

No one feels a dilemma for not clicking on the ad section and I want to read articles from a wide variety of people.

I do not think that it should not be easy to do investment business that is not good and needs a large amount of principal because it is absolutely impossible to do fraudulent business such as no stock resale.

I may want to find a job as I feel the difficulty of doing business on the Internet as a private business.

My purpose for posting Youtube videos is to share something with people all over the world, and my number of Youtube subscribers is 0.

There is no comment of my Youtube video so far, the number of views is about 10 times and I can identify the person who is watching.

It was concluded that the only way to earn income without getting a job was to make a company and do business as a sole proprietorship.

One day I knew how to earn income easily.

Questionnaire response

One day when I was searching on the Internet I found a site that was browsing a feature on home work in the ad.

I clicked on the ad and read a feature article that can get the best home income for the housewife.

What I was particularly interested in was the in-home work that income can be obtained just by answering the questionnaire.

The condition for at-home work suitable for me who is looking for a job is that it works in a short-term employment form of outsourcing.

Therefore, I felt that it was very attractive to me that anyone who can use the Internet can answer the questionnaire and earn income.

We receive questionnaire items by e-mail while obtaining daily foreign currency exchange fluctuations and global news information collection.

You can actually receive e-mails of questionnaire items every day and accumulate points.

The system for monetization of questionnaire responses can earn points with more than 3000 points each time they answer.

The minimum profit is $ 3 because 1 point is $ 0.1.

It means that you earn points by adding points with your own credit card, bank account or net shop.

I think this is a good home work for people who can not really earn a large income but just want to get an income.

The condition of no income proves that there is no economic power, and you have to earn money to live anyway.

I actually answer the questionnaire and it has not been monetized for 1 month, but I answer the questionnaire daily and accumulate points little by little.

We recognize that it is important to continue, and it is not good to ask for a return immediately, and that daily effort is necessary.

I am dissatisfied with terrestrial broadcast media now and feel disappointed with the video industry and have stopped aiming to become a professional video creator.

It is inevitable that you will not be attracted to the video industry if you look at video media that show low quality, and I have no excuses in the video industry.

I decided to change the direction of my life given the desire to travel abroad, the meaning of serving, the meaning of my own interest and the place of conformity.

Currently I live every day hoping for a $ 3 income in a questionnaire response, but I’m thinking positively not losing hope.

I really want to continue posting Youtube videos and blogs even if I become an old man, and I really want to spend my life fully until I die.

However, if my activities are monetized, I can provide more quality images and articles to people all over the world.

I think that it is important not to lose the feeling of wanting to provide something purely although I am doing a little SEO measures.

When I was doing home treatment several years ago

I had a disc herniation at the age of 25 and had surgery completed at the age of 26.

After the operation, I felt desperately feeling a sense of crisis for the state of no income in the absence state, and I was desperate to find a job.

After all, it was true that I got a job in a company with bad working conditions and made my life painful, and I was not thinking about home work at that time.

I was unable to collect information because I was not in an environment where I can access the internet during treatment, and I realized that it was stable to get a job.

I am now aware that it is very important to collect information, and Japanese people have the habit of asking only the opinions of others without taking the act of thinking.

I live in capitalism and I think that I should use freedom effectively.

I’m calm and I think that I have to set up a schedule for the future and carefully build up the process.

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