Lazy parents and lazy son

I feel my low potential due to the existence of lazy parents

I understand that perfect humans are not in this world, but I want perfect humans
We live in trouble with various human relationships and our ownness
I am isolated from my parents and my brother and I am shrinking my future vision
I myself have not been studying reality problems in front of me
I feel stress of anger when I think of lazy parents as others and I hate parents
I hate the presence of parents who are in the house all day without love and I feel anger at their non-active parts
The reason for not attending a ceremonial occasion is because I do not see my parents, and I like people who strive to achieve their goals
I am attracted to people who work hard enough to be mentally tolerant and increase their own potential
However, there are no challengers in the people around me and I might have been searching for a model of life during my boyhood
I am a bad luck man and people around me always attack me as a bad person
God is trying me, I’ve been trying to accept God’s trials and I’m trying to keep it going
I am aware of myself as a true good person and I want to be a special being
I ask other people realistic questions because they don’t want to be films or dramas and become unrealists
Most people don’t want to talk about National Pension premium, National Health Insurance, municipal tax and property tax
It’s about to get out of tough realities and always talks about the entertainment industry making life unnatural
Life is a hard one so we have to solve the problem from a hard point of view We must always be a challenger
I don’t want to feel anxious and I feel lazy that I want to live with the help of someone to the fullest
I’m angry that my parents who helped me with moving have never helped someone else’s moving
In particular, I only feel angry with my father because I have suffered mental damage from my father in the past
I feel it is an arrogant teaching for what God advocates to respect my parents for no reason
I can not honor my father who put hot water on my head I have not apologized from my father
I realize that I have been tolerant of my parents who didn’t seriously worry about financial issues
Not only because of personality inconsistencies I really want to make things clear and I just do not want to live in a lazy manner
I think that I want to do my best as a challenger in search of failure while everyone is alive like everyone else
In mental pain I have the idea of ​​trying to find a choice and get away from the problem and I think it is better to get away from the problem
But it’s just a matter of trading on a different problem and we have to live a lifetime problem
There are various home environments around the world, and there are many home environments that make friends or get along with fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters
I am convinced about being part of an unusual family environment and suffering from human relationships within the family
Even if the environment is changed, it is not legally possible to insulate from the family and I have to struggle until I die
I think that the depiction of others’ misery will be the vitality of people
I do not think that the image of the happiness of others will be the source of the vitality of the public, I am seeking an idea
I’m looking for a better idea, I want to live now with hope for the future, and we’re looking for the best.
I realize that my principle of not listening to the story of the old man who has been trapped in the default concept is wonderful
Human concepts and lifestyles are constantly changing as the times change, and we have to adapt to change
Certainly I was suffering from insomnia due to a real problem, but I broke the existing concept and found a way of life that suits me
People around us say various opinions, but we insist on irresponsibility and I do not listen to others’ opinions very much
I hurt others by my ownness, but I can not change my style
However, I can not establish absolute values, I carry the task that I have to continue to play an unfinished human being for life
The significance of our existence as a part of more than 7.7 billion life is not special, and everyone is suffering from their own things.
I am convinced that the human system and hair circumstances that have a lazy way of thinking of wanting to live without labor are unhealthy
The reason that it becomes a puppet because it is registered in the company is the fact that we become puppets to live and live by ourselves
I just become a company puppet to achieve my goal and I can not play puppets for a long time I feel that I was born as a challenger
The experience of having witnessed domestic violence in the father’s home has made him a lame human model for me
It is wrong to target absolute parents to their parents, and I actually know that my father hated my grandparents
I wanted to get out of the bad influence as I was a teacher and started martial arts and run as a student vice president
Messengers are still delivering today in heavy rain, but I have the feeling that I am protected by God
I was able to work as a messenger on a sunny day, and I am serious about my life
I am aware that thinking about life seriously is about thinking seriously about dying
I can not feel advocacy for the exclusive economicism of a non-religious native human being
I am impressed by making a favorite person, making a child, making my own family and living for others
However, I use human instincts and intellects properly, and I do not want to understand things only by emotional theory
Stress is born in everyday life and it is emptiness to keep solving daily boredom with gold and I do not want to increase the problem
Stress is born in a communal life, and while suffering stress, it hurts the mind and body towards problem solving
My own existence is considered nonsense if I think that my father is a marriage ineligible and my mother should do manual labor.
I am accustomed to self-denialing because I actually admit that my own parents are lazy and intelligent people

I want to be cool uncle

My goal is to run a blog for 10 years
I want to challenge myself even if I become an uncle according to Paul Anchor’s sayings
I returned from the city to the local countryside a few years ago, and I’m going back to the city in March of this year to seek stimulation
I understand that Japan is an important market market, but I still want to make the world a market market
After experiencing, I am again impressed by the new values and I am trying to imitate the Westerner’s gesture and change the way of life
I am afraid to choose a way of life that is dead without being able to clarify consciousness when living a life without a stimulus

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