For me I think Tokyo is an entertainment area
I have no desire to make Tokyo a working place
Working for a company in Roppongi for several months felt stress in working in an urban environment

There is a taste of office district and downtown area and natural environment of forest in a place called Tokyo
The reason I moved to Kawasaki City near Tokyo was to get a job at a company in Tokyo
However, I was disillusioned with the actual office work in Tokyo and gave up finding a job at a desired company
Tokyo is just a point of departure for the entertainment industry
Walking on the asphalt ground in the office area makes me feel uncomfortable
Disappointing to various political situations and morals of Tokyo, I gave up working as a creator
Originally I wanted to work in Tokyo as a video creator, but I faced a real problem
I was a countryman who had a fantasy in the country

I was watching the crowd from Starbucks near the scrambled intersection in Shibuya
People who are enjoying consumption are being fed by suppliers
Consumers are hanging on a trap of empty pleasure without knowing the pleasures of labor
It costs money to play in Tokyo
I know how to play without financial costs
It is better to enjoy picking flowers on the riverside or watching the sky than to watch stupid attractions or theaters
I feel that making Tokyo a place of work or place of residence is nonsense

The city is inviting consumers

The streets of Shinjuku, Akihabara and Ueno that are bustling with downtown areas of restaurants
Pleasure of the taste of food and consumption time and money and sense of justice
Recently I think that I may be a rare person
I want to be a supplier not to engage with consumers
And I think it’s nice to have a dream in a quiet space
I think I can enrich my mind by reading quietly and unifying the mind
I do not deny eating and drinking on Youtube, but I want to talk about something

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