I sometimes recall old times.
And I went back to the past more than 16 years ago.
How was your 16 years ago?
Hasn’t it changed at all since 16 years ago?
Or has it changed a little?
Or has it changed in the opposite direction?
Perhaps over the course of more than 16 years, values, sensibilities and interests have changed.
Most humans change a little.
Rather, it is strange if it does not change.
In the spring of February 2005, I was moving to the city.
And I was preparing to enroll in a vocational school for manipulative treatment.
But it was a coercion from others.
I started studying for university entrance exams in late August 2003.
Listening to the radio while studying for the exam was the reason for my interest in music.
After graduating from high school, 2004 was completely free.
After all, I failed to take the university entrance exam, so I was devoting myself to studying for the second university entrance exam for one year.
However, I wanted to study for the exam on my own without going to a specialized prep school, so my second college entrance exam failed.
At the time of 2005, when I was 19 years old, I had no interest in art, foreign countries, or philosophy.
Anyway, the only thing I was crazy about at 19 years old was radio and music.
My goal was to be a radio DJ and a singer-songwriter.
I remember the excitement of moving from the countryside to the city.
So I felt fresh and happy with the asphalt in the city, the crowded buildings and convenience stores.
In April 2005, I reluctantly entered a vocational school for manipulative treatment.
At the same time, I started a part-time job at a manipulative hospital.
My first work experience was a receptionist at a manipulative hospital.
I was responsible for not telling the people around me that I wanted to do music.
And I was stressed by the communication with the people around me who recommended sound choices and did not have a decent conversation.
As a result, I dropped out of a vocational school in July and started a part-time job.
I felt self-loathing and deep hatred for my parents for the stupidity of wasting more than $ 10,000 in tuition.
It’s foolish and timid after all.
I was aiming for a vocational school of acoustic night school while listening to the radio at midnight without fail.
Also I had to prepare an entrance fee of $ 6,000.
I had a lunch box delivery and a part-time job at a convenience store early on Saturday and Sunday.

April 2006 Entered the Institute of Sound Arts

The part-time job at a convenience store in the early morning was difficult, but I was able to make money.
I quit my job at a convenience store and continued to work as a courier.
And I studied at school from 7 pm to 9 pm while earning tuition by doing full-time home delivery.
I entered a sound school because I thought that the skills of a sound engineer would be useful for music activities.
During that time, I was absorbed in practicing guitar and composing lyrics.
It was music that started my creative activities.
I used to compose on guitar and harmonica during work breaks and write lyrics at home.
I used to send demo tapes of my own songs to the music agency.
2006 was a very good year.
Fifteen years ago, I was an illiterate man with unrealistic goals.
My stupid behavior, which I was aiming for a professional debut in music at the age of 23, later became painful.
Now I can understand that young people in their twenties are made up of recklessness and lack of reason.

Where were you from 2005 to 2006?
What were you thinking
What did you want and what were you aiming for?
Did that desire come true?
Is there anything you can reflect on yourself?
Events more than 16 years ago play an important role in stopping the mistakes of today.
It’s an overwhelmingly useless example.
I feel that I was part of the masses who neglected me in the past.
It is correct to recollect and reflect on yourself to confirm the correct direction of life.

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