Sea waves

Sea waves I always have a habit of learning lessons by comparing life to something. I’m still depressed in a bad way of life, but that’s unavoidable. My savior, destined to do the unfavorable work of the working class, is God, the philosopher, the masses, and a bad example. I am worried about the mental … Read moreSea waves

Idea world

Idea world I doubt the existence of the idea world. If the original human aesthetics are different, there is no idea world. However, the form of beauty that can be sympathized with all races is common. People around me sympathize with the ugly things I do. However, no one resonates with my own expression. Then … Read moreIdea world

My black man

My black man I have only had a few contacts with black people. I have no unpleasant memories or trauma with black people. A black shop clerk soliciting a second-hand clothing store in my city. A black office worker at a scrambled intersection in my country. A black student from Costa Rica who shared a … Read moreMy black man

Beneficial is harmful and harmful is beneficial

Beneficial is harmful and harmful is beneficial Do you know that choosing your own mental and physical distress will be beneficial later? Certainly it is hard to remember the unpleasant memories of the past. I don’t feel that the pain has given me a lot of patience. Americans don’t talk about pain. The story of … Read moreBeneficial is harmful and harmful is beneficial

One year has passed since animation production

One year has passed since animation production Animation production started in earnest from November 2019. I am devoting myself to creative activities without working. This is a very risky decision, but I don’t want to regret it in a one-time life. So I don’t feel anxious or scared to take big risks. That’s not a … Read moreOne year has passed since animation production

Francis and I

Francis and I Francis is like my alter ego. Francis, a very quiet and poorly communicative African refugee, is in conflict. He is studying theology, but not philosophy. So I’m having a hard time belonging to the community. The words of the wise men in BC are credible to understand how things work concretely. Perusing … Read moreFrancis and I

Kill the joy

Kill the joy It is important to suppress emotions. Everyone knows it. That is why it is possible to put an end to the situation by suppressing anger and sadness. But why not suppress joy and fun? This is a strange story. Is it not necessary to suppress only feelings of joy and fun? If … Read moreKill the joy

Radio sound source

Radio sound source I’m working while listening to a radio source. Or I also use the sound source of Youtube videos. It is not uncommon to be unable to create in silence. However, when it is important to express emotions, a silent space is created. Animation work is also a kind of simple work. If … Read moreRadio sound source