Anonymous Some people use social media anonymously. Text and photos are the things that show off something in public while preserving personal privacy. Consider the existence of anonymous people who never post their own photos on social media. I think we should put restrictions on anonymous people. I’m showing off my own face before actually … Read moreAnonymous

Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee I acknowledge Bruce Lee’s existence as a person studying philosophy. He is a fighter with a flexible mind who never sticks to anything. No Asian actor can match him. More than 50 years have passed since he died. However, I feel that no more actors, martial arts, or entertainers will appear again. Bruce … Read moreBruce Lee


Americanize Feel the masses around you being Americanized. Every year, the sharp sensibilities and sensory organs of hungry wolves are disappearing. A vulnerable, poorly talented person is delighted with reports of worldly success. I can imagine that they criticize my evaluation with all their might and devote themselves to self-justification. No progress can be made … Read moreAmericanize

Child support obligation

Child support obligation The creative life is established because there is no obligation to raise children. Marriage can still regain a self-invested life by divorce. There are certain conditions there. It’s that I don’t have my own children. Self-investment is possible after fulfilling the 23-year child-rearing obligation. I don’t have the confidence or determination to … Read moreChild support obligation

Crazy believer Van Gogh

Crazy believer Van Gogh I can understand the crazy feelings of Van Gogh. That’s because I myself have been shunned by the church. You can read the feelings of pastors and evangelism assistants through social media exchanges. I read the Bible with all my heart and maintained an attitude of not interacting with anyone in … Read moreCrazy believer Van Gogh

Increased creativity due to lack of information

Increased creativity due to lack of information I was able to improve my creativity by restricting the Internet. And I don’t remember unnecessary information in the past. In other words, random information gathering is useless. There is no important information. It’s okay if you just remember the natural sounds and your favorite lessons. The root … Read moreIncreased creativity due to lack of information

Ignorance of useless information

Ignorance of useless information I love perception. There is a strong desire to know what you do not know. It is important to lead to a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment through overwhelming education. But it’s all about wise knowledge and information. I try to forget the useless information I have collected in the past. … Read moreIgnorance of useless information

American working class

American working class I want to meet Americans who belong to the working class. And I know the severe American social class disparity. And there are many losers in a fiercely competitive society that is based on full-fledged monetary principles. It’s very stupid to think of a few percent of American successful models as Americans. … Read moreAmerican working class

Vegan life

Vegan life He continues to live a vegan life as part of measures against global warming. He refrains from all animal proteins such as chicken, pork, beef and seafood. There is a feeling that mental stability is being achieved by implementing the original human diet of herbivores. Obesity prevention and antibody maintenance can be carried … Read moreVegan life

Fantasy world

Fantasy world I’m thinking of drawing an illusionary world. Well I am aiming for a work that can be convinced by giving in to various expression techniques. Enjoying creative activities in a completely lonely space. I’m thinking of bringing a sumi-style background and a three-dimensional human image to the surface. But that’s not a completely … Read moreFantasy world