3 years is enough for pension life


3 years is enough for pension life

I want to work until I die
75-year-old elderly truck driver
75-year-old elderly inventory manager
75-year-old civil engineer
75 years old postman
75-year-old elderly convenience store clerk
75 year old aviation pilot
75 years old university professor
75-year-old elderly fast food restaurant employee
75-year-old beautician

I can’t live without working

So you have to work if you want to live
Stop your activity and your heart will stop
Everyone may be alive because they are afraid to die
I think that few people live with an idea
I think that a human who is moving until the heart stops can get a one-way ticket to heaven.
I reviewed the humanity of my grandfather who was hiding behind the scenes, smoking cigarettes and spending his old life.
I think that if you make an upfront investment at a young age, you can look more alive.
People alive to die
People who live to live

You can’t maintain a healthy body without going out

It’s never easy to spend old age on hot and humid ground
It’s not easy for me to do economic activities until I die in Japan
I would like to move overseas to do business in the future
I think it is difficult to continue to increase my motivation in a small space

Japan’s chronic elderly society

In Japan, only elderly people live
You can feel that there are few young people
Japan, which accepts about 70,000 immigrants every year, is taking measures.
But the burden on young people is only increasing.
Hear the sad story of the vagrant who wants to die
I’m 33 years old and it’s time to think about retirement
I am thinking about life planning while thinking about social systems
I am dissatisfied with the current Japanese social system but I am not disappointed
I am thinking about self-defense methods in a capitalist state that is truly individualized
I ca n’t rely on social security and I ’m looking at the crowd


I never think that moving abroad is the right answer with pension
But I do not expect Japanese pension system
I actually learned about job hunting in a Japanese city
A degree is important when you get a job
Eventually I tried to expect in Japan, but the pessimistic view will not change
Anyway, I think that Japanese local migration is appropriate, but I also think about overseas migration
I think it is important to collect information and make accurate judgments because I can’t help complaining.

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