4-frame video


4-frame video

I have recently been searching for an expression method.
There are several ways to convey a message.
There are expression methods and communication methods such as music, movies, dramas and novels.
I’m thinking of using 4 short animations to convey the message.
I realized that shorter sentences save time than longer sentences.
I don’t think many people read long blog posts and everyone wants to cherish their time.

stock of videos

I don’t have the habit of storing my work, so I update my work right away.
Is this a non-professional way?
Is it good to leave a posting period?
The reason I post my daily blog post is because I want to tell readers something every day.
But the reason I don’t upload Youtube videos every day is that I haven’t made them in earnest yet.
I think it’s necessary to create animated videos just as you write blog posts.

Animation video for about 20 seconds

I don’t feel much attraction for sound effects.
I’m thinking about a new way of expressing, so don’t use other video posters as a reference.
I think it is important to leave something novel.
I’m thinking of not relying on sound effects with only a few sound effects and an instant voice.

Background music

Tired of mass-produced video editing.
I’m deciding whether or not to watch a video with thumbnail images.
However, you can judge the poster’s quality within a few seconds after playback.
I think that it is not good to refer to the thoughts of the masses that mimic successful examples.
I want to increase the value of my brand by incorporating changes.
I don’t think it’s good to download and use free background music right away.


For me, who recommends digital products, drawing with a pen on paper is over.
The pen that I used so far was just a computer mouse and the paper was a match panel.
I feel that the art supply stores in the city are decreasing.

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