Physical symptoms

Fighting illness of physical symptoms

I have a mental illness called physical symptoms.
This fact was discovered only recently.
However, I had a feeling that I had some mental problems.

It started around March 2015

From around 2013, I became a Christian and started attending church.
That was about eight years ago.
Sometimes I started going to the bathroom before the church ministry began.
I went to the church by train and went to the church after finishing the work in the toilet at the station.
The habit of getting a stomachache when you have a feeling of tension is probably your personality.
I’m nervous and I can’t relax and go to production.
This is just a personality story.
However, I didn’t think I would suffer from physical symptoms due to various reasons.
I still remember it clearly.
One day in March 2015, I suddenly had severe abdominal pain around 3 pm.
At that time, I was working at a factory.
I went to the bathroom during work and finished my work.
That wasn’t just a stomachache.
From that point on, he will continue to suffer from chronic constipation.

To gastroenterology

It was around July 2015 that I was first inspected.
I was anxious about chronic constipation, so I was examined at the hospital.
And I finished the test with anxiety that I might have cancer.
The stomach and intestines were thoroughly examined by donating blood, urinalysis, and X-rays.
However, there were no abnormalities in each internal organ.
I got a prescription and started to watch the progress while taking medicine.
He was suffering from constipation and diarrhea while working hard at the factory.
It was a considerable physical and mental burden.
At that stage, I didn’t know that I had a mental illness called physical symptoms.

Balancing work, creative activity and illness

Since 2013, he has continued to worsen constipation but has not stopped his creative activities.
However, the exhaustion of human relations, loneliness, and irritation to the surroundings and reality were not odd.
All the stress was released by oil painting.
The period of oil painting creation was three years from 2014 to 2017.
I was desperate to get rid of constipation by consuming vegetables thoroughly.
So I remember that constipation and diarrhea in the bathroom before going to work in the morning were really painful.
For some reason, I had an unusual tension before starting work at the factory.
I think it was probably due to the amount of time I was lonely.
However, at that time, he misunderstood that it was simply due to his nervous nature.
I arrived at the factory at 7:45 am, worked from 8:45 am to 7 pm, then made oil paintings and went to bed.
Of course I was doing the housework myself.

Family feud

The causes of my physical symptoms are feud, anger and stress on my family.
The stress on fathers and mothers remains unchanged.
It makes me feel dissatisfied and angry when I think about various past circumstances.
I haven’t seen my father and mother for about 10 years.
Actually I live locally but I don’t see my parents.
I live alone in a local apartment.
There are various stresses and causes, but I would like to talk about it next time.
It’s a matter of my own personality, but I think there are many people who sympathize with me.
There is no certainty that the physical symptoms will be cured if the feud with the family is resolved.
But there is no doubt that the existence of my parents is the cause of my own mental illness.

Physical symptoms and creative days

Currently working part-time in agriculture and poultry farming.
She pays $ 8 an hour for living and medical treatment.
I concentrate on my creations without planning any future unearned life.
In other words, he is already prepared to die if he cannot work.
I feel it is a very constructive thought for myself.
If we solve our mental problems, we must suffer from the stress of modern society.
Do you like social stress?
I’m looking at things in the long run.
And I’m not interested if it can be judged as a temporary event.
The happiness of the day always depends on the condition of bowel movements every morning.
Constipation is the cause of occasional back pain and stiff shoulders.
I am keenly aware that the work of the mind and internal organs is closely related.
Well I start work early in the morning at 4am, finish work before 12am and wash my work clothes.
Communication is essential when working.
There are no symptoms of constipation or palpitations in the place of community service.
It’s proof that you’re in good shape.
Physical symptoms can be easily improved by talking to others.
But I’m lonely in the house.
All my private life is loneliness and creation.
Living while maximally evacuating from the causes of physical symptoms.
I think it’s healthier for me, who is devoted to creating and moving emotions, than for people who are working hard to make children.
My parents are the ones who are absorbed in the physical pleasures of making children.
Any more stories from my parents will cause my physical symptoms to worsen, so I’ll tell you something else.

Heaven or nothing or hell

My greatest concern is the afterlife.
I’m not interested in anything else.
Uhh I trust in people who can distinguish between true faith and reason and sensibilities.
It is nonsense to worship others like an absolute god.
The bottom line is that 90 percent of humans have no afterlife.
It’s nothing.
The world of nothingness is the world of being in a state of nothingness that is neither heaven nor hell forever.
It can be understood that only a few true good and bad people go to a clear and eternal dream world.
I believe that the gates of heaven will open if you long for, endure, mourn, or suffer without satisfying your desires.
To blame the thoughts of humans with mental problems is evidence of the thoughts of the masses.
I think some stress is needed.
It seems that not only good bacteria but also bad bacteria are needed in the intestines.
There is no choice but to live while maintaining a good balance.

How to deal with physical symptoms


I often take a walk in the evening or at night to promote lipolysis.
Sitting on a park bench to plan for the future and organize your mind is a great effect.
Unfortunately, the quickest and most immediate remedy is to take medicine and sleep.
It’s really painful to be unable to sleep well due to insomnia caused by physical symptoms.
If you rest your internal organs, prepare your mind and get a good night’s sleep, your physical condition will be at its peak the next day.
Interpersonal communication on social media is not recommended.
I’m not impressed with Instagram’s easy-to-use still and video representations.
I can’t understand social media users who are irresponsible and anonymous and don’t publish their photos.
It can’t be helped because it’s personal freedom.
A pedestrian greets me as I sit on the bench in front of the elementary school gate during the evening walk.
This is a very good event.

Days of struggle with physical symptoms

I often listen to the radio before going to bed.
It distracts loneliness from the voices of others.
Natural sounds and a quiet space promote anxiety.
I have the technology to control my mind intentionally.
One of the mental illnesses without subjective symptoms is physical symptom.
There was a time when I was dealing with physical symptoms while working for more than 8 hours.
I can’t work full time.
Living at a low standard of living is at the core of life.
Marriage and parenting are suicides for me.
The act of coexistence makes all livelihoods half-hearted.
I want to concentrate on a few jobs without greed.
And I stopped posting blogs for more than half a year because I prioritized creative activities and thinking time.
The situation has settled down, so I’m thinking of slowly resuming blogging.
There is no resistance to dealing with physical symptoms until death.
It is the homework and tasks from God that came out at the same time as the back pain.

Shaved head

I have decided not to use the barber shop again.
And I realized that my appearance wasn’t worth it.
And they are aiming for lower cost of living.
When the hair is long enough to be cut with scissors, cut it short.
Finally, shave the entire scalp with a razor to complete.
I want to say goodbye from the shampoo fee.
So I feel wasteful in combating the aging of humans who grow older every day.
Shaved to minimize stress that causes physical symptoms.
Even hair is a source of stress for me.

Sleep earnestly

I am conscious of taking a nap or taking a short break to lie down and relax.
At my workplace, there is a 30-minute break for early morning work, and breakfast is set to be provided free of charge.
But I don’t use the breakfast provided by the company.
Whenever I take a break, I sit in a chair in the office rest area and sleep.
I’m eager to get the most out of my internal organs.
There is no choice but to devise creative ideas or sleep.
Every day I repeat work, sleep, lunch, bathing, walking, and planning is the flow of my life now.
It’s a great moment for me to be able to take a nap without taking any medicine.
It can be confirmed that it is a proof of mental stability.
The scariest thing is not being able to sleep.
I often feel anxiety and feel uncomfortable in my lower body because I don’t understand the meaning.
At that time, take medicine for mental stability.
It is the act of general anesthesia and loss of mental damage.

Life with physical symptoms

I’m 36 years old now.
He lives his daily life conscious of himself at the age of 40.
I chose the time when I could do creative activities rather than stability, and my physical condition affects my life.
Without social security, I have death back to back.
However, there is no regret, hope or attachment in this world.
It just means that you will never be moved by society or the people around you.
I repeat making works.
It is just a selfish activity and has no contact with others.
I’m just making animations and reading the Bible as if the river were just flowing.
He is exposed to the sun by improving himself and increasing his motivation.
I didn’t live on the assumption that I would have a mental illness.
So I’m wondering about myself now.
There are scenarios for each life, but I think there are many people like me who are serving the community with mental illness.
Ultimately, I think you can rest assured that you are living on the premise of death.
I eat grapefruit and cabbage every morning only on holidays for my health.
Weekdays are one meal a day for lunch.
But thinking about a little nutrition on holidays is afraid of short-lived life scenarios.

Coffee is strictly prohibited

Coffee causes constipation.
In particular, overdose of coffee should be absolutely avoided.
Even if you stabilize your mind, luxury items are not good.
Overdose of lactic acid bacteria is also not good.
The next morning’s bowel movement after overdose of black coffee is the worst.
The best drinking water is water, vegetable juice or green smoothies.
If you are in poor physical condition, you will not be able to work or create.

Emotionlessness beyond anger

Rather, stressless numbness and emotionlessness may be dangerous.
I think some stress is needed.
There is no choice but to deal well with objects and interpersonal objects that are not physiologically acceptable.
The climate affects the mind and body.
I think it’s important to calm down and think about things and focus on coming up with good concrete ideas.
If you can’t work productively and efficiently, you should rest.
Sleeping can change your mind and body freshly.
Feelings of joy or fun are a natural change of hope from emotionlessness, but sad feelings are not bad either.
On the other hand, you can correct yourself as a teacher.