$ 5 a day food expenses


$ 5 a day food expenses

I live on $ 5 a day with food
And my previous diet was eating junk food only
I had an unhealthy diet to release stress through daily hard work
I used to be obese as I bought something I liked without worrying about the price of food
I have been working hard for 4 years and since I was working on oil paintings while doing heavy work, I had stress every day
Remembering my lament several years ago, I have reaffirmed that I do not want my life to be like it used to be
I remember the time when the time had passed but I was still delivering lunch in the downtown area of ​​Tokyo when I was about 23 years old
Every time I remember the 5 o’clock report of the downtown area at dusk, I become a sentimental man
I would like to stop the eating habit of eating cabbage and pork in bread, but I can not but endure my current eating habits in order to reduce food costs
I feel jealous of myself in the past that I was full of food and I sacrifice my life to gain the right to challenge
Basically my energy is motivation after self-enlightenment and fulfillment after acting
Recently I became able to take a nap and I feel better
I was unable to take a nap in an unstable mental state, and I was only collecting information in the daytime
I have sold all my unnecessary equipment and I think the only remaining test is to keep believing in yourself
I am not dissatisfied with my current poor life and I can limit my life so I can keep my motivation
I don’t hate to be alone in a quiet room and organize things I like my own self-control
In my high school days, I belonged to the wrestling club, and because I had experience of abstaining meals to lose weight, my current life is not hard for me
A few days ago I changed from rice to bread to eat carbohydrates
The reason why I continue to use cabbage as the main ingredient of vegetables is that vegetables that can be improved due to digestive problems are cabbage

Luxury menu is coffee milk

Because I can not afford to buy one confectionery bread when I am saving a life, I can not help buying one cup of coffee milk
Sweet coffee milk stimulates me below every night and I feel the taste of coffee beans
I encourage myself by remembering the story of a young couple who started a private business and started to save lives
Seeing that the successful person talks while remembering his past poor life, he or she is also a successful person and wants to talk about past pains
I can speak my hard past, but I think that I still lack experience in order to miss the past in a peaceful life
I am waiting for a chance to wait for the reply from the company, the audience and the readers

One cabbage is over $ 2

I am surprised because the price of one cabbage is over $ 2 at a city supermarket
Vegetable intake is important for me and I think that it is not possible to ingest the necessary minimum nutrition with soy and bread
I have decided to go shopping in the supermarket once on the 3rd, so I never go shopping on the go
However, I am not dissatisfied with being poor even after the age of 30 but I am honestly enjoying my hyena-like life

The pains of having to order instant food

I rely on instant food to fill the hunger due to the severity of my life situation
I am frankly eating instant food deliciously, as I honor the saying that hunger is the biggest condiment
A few days ago there was a crisis in my economic situation and I decided that I could not spend more than this
A few days ago I have invested about $ 100 to become a messenger and I recognize that it is a necessary tuition fee for social studies
Let’s think a little before selling to a pawnshop

Ukrainian young people are working in a supermarket to earn tuition

Many young people suffer from the severe condition that they have to pay high tuition to enter a good university
And I felt that there was no difference from Japan when I heard about going to foreign universities
We do not want to accept the harsh circumstances that we have to live in economic activity
However, I am trying to turn anxiousness into vitality and try to improve my behavior, and I am always committed to positive people
A Japanese living in Ukraine introduced Ukraine’s poor family environment, and I could feel the diversity of people’s lives in the world
I can’t earn the most part-time and expensive university tuition, and I can’t do a good job studying at a cheap tuition college
I was originally a low-intelligent person, so I should not go on to college and I am satisfied with the decision I gave up on college and I am not regretted
I feel that it is important to compromise and think about other options if it can be determined that I can not actually cope with the problem
Certainly, the price of vegetables in Ukraine is lower than the price of vegetables in Japan, and I feel the merit of living in a country living in a country with low prices
I felt angry at the Youtube channel of a Japanese man studying in the United States
I feel disgusted at the good treatment of Japanese students studying in the United States while studying with the white women and enjoying the American life happily
After all, the Japanese student is a child of a rich senior citizen who enjoys a good car ride with her in the US without struggling to study abroad expenses
I am attracted to Ukrainian university students who work hard to earn tuition in Ukraine rather than such rich international students
I believe it is safe to believe that a lucky ending is always waiting after loneliness and poverty
I want to believe that God will give me chances and good luck to people in trouble

I am living while feeling the time that I am now in a series of trajectory correction

Began preparing for dinner at around 4:30 in the evening and having dinner at around 5:30 in the evening to shoot videos, write articles and collect information
I used to go to the library for information gathering and to tell the park for exercise, but now I take care of time
In other words, I think that I want to do the work that can be done in the house as much as possible in the house considering the time taken to go to the library and the park
I am trying to make a Guinness record and I have uploaded over 100 videos to Youtube so far, but there are no subscribers
I realize this is an ugly thing and I am stuck with a special being
I’m uploading a funny video, thinking that I’m not interested in videos that introduce or complain of poor life
It is a change to change the line of purpose and goal, and I hate to be mundane and I always want to change something
Because I understand the importance of continuing, I just upload videos to Youtube without worrying about the results
If you are stuck with the results, you have not uploaded videos to Youtube anymore, or you have closed your blog
I love creation and I want to express because I don’t have to make money
I feel that I can only do my best to transmit the wonderful expression techniques that arise from the poor life

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