5 minutes animation


5 minute animation

Video of traveling abroad

An animation movie of about 5 seconds per frame is made.
The software I use is Adobe Anime CC 2019.
It’s a very useful software for making videos for around $ 26 per month.

Work progress

It’s about 7 hours a day.
First, consider the settings, draw a background image, and design a character.
This is a hard work because it is all done by one person.
Then move the character.
The number of frames that can be made per day is about 5 frames.
I don’t want to work in order to keep quality down.
So it is nonsense to speed up the work progress and lower the quality.
I think we should shift from an amateur spirit to a professional spirit.

Work in the morning

Basically, work hours are set in the morning.
The afternoon is set for training time, and only one frame is made in the evening.
Start work at 7am and work after 2pm.
It is said that the best time for human activities is in the morning.
Collecting information and writing blog posts after training in the afternoon.

Story settings

I’m thinking of an animated movie in my morning bet.
The work place starts work by ordering black coffee every morning at a fast food restaurant.
Well I feel that it is very difficult to create a screenplay because I care about originality.
So I want to make interesting animated videos with my daily life as a hint.
And also I want Youtube to be marketed and evaluated by people all over the world.

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MY originally sense of art

I am willing to post animation movie into Youtube as soon as possible. Now I’m taking time of making high quality art for entertainment.

As professionalism that it never allow to compromise making and expressing art.

Thank you

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