International hotel guest

See the percentage of international hotel guests by continental region


European  38% 
American  33% 
Asian  25% 
African  4% 


European  32% 
American  28% 
Asian  32% 
African  8% 


European  21% 
American  10% 
Asian  44% 
African  25% 

The African and Asian markets are the two strongest growth areas with both the European and American shrinking drastically over the period.
In 2015, the largest market is predicted to be European market at 38 per cent closely followed by the American and Asian markets at 33 per cent and 25 per cent respectively. The African market makes up only 4 per cent of the total percentage of international hotel guests.
By 2018 the African market is expected to double to 8 per cent, and the Asian market is forecasted to grow by around a quarter. The American and European markets both will drop a percentage to 5 and 6 per cent respectively.
By 2021, the Asian market share is expected to be the largest at 44 per cent, and the African marketwill have grown to a quater of the total with 25 per cent. The American market share will have dropped to only 10 per cent and the European will have almost halved from 2015 to only 21 per cent.

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