Poverty is beautiful!!

Eternal life

Do you feel the most you feel happy if you were given an eternal life right now? The values are different for the various people in the world, so it is the answer that we can not answer because this is not the most correct life philosophy unconditionally. There is a feeling of not wanting to die and a feeling of refusing eternal life, there is contradiction there. I think that most people live with the desire to be immersed in peace of mind while they are alive. Life is painful because it struggles with various things when it is alive Everyone is trying to distract the hotness with entertainment and understand that feeling. It is up to you whether to clean up the problem in front of you right away, but if you do postpone it will be enormous and you will have to solve the problem in the future. The idea that a sweet idea of becoming somehow finally made such a difficult situation now is a fact and the idea that it is OK now is not good. Even if there is a predictable problem, it is the result that you picked up the wrong decision without winning the desire after all was the result of being sent by feelings. I do not want to do something stupid and I do not want to suffer so I’m going to know what kind of human beings are getting absorbed in entertainment and self-destructing. It is a result that we have to obey it obediently even if we can not make out what we want, even if we show the maximum potential of each person and what kind of result it is to be obedient It is. In order to strengthen the spiritual endurance that survives sorrow I abandoned my family and abandoned my friends and threw away all useful things around me.

What is bad with disgusting irresponsible parents?

I properly understand how much it is responsible for becoming a parent.

The role of parents has a role to cover tuition and living expenses just to let children go to graduate school.

We must understand that there is a trap in the name of pleasure of sex.

Fostering life is a very difficult thing. It has been known for years that it is important to live while always working reason. I think that I only need to help people who are in trouble in this world to receive thankful words and I do not feel dissatisfied if I can earn a monthly living expenses that I can live. I believe in the existence of God and because it is a fate theorist, I have no particular longing for eternal life. Various information overflowing in the world is eventually a fundamental meaning and information that is unified information. I certainly have a fear of death and I will cry in fear when I become cancer.

Life is strange and why naturally refuse to death. Death is convincing against what is said to be punishment for evil of life. In other words all human beings are guilty. There is no such thing as eternal life. It is because I am surely acting to be pursued that I am being chased by the daily realistic problem and I think that I should do something like being chased. Because unplanned people spend their private time with their own time, they suffer from work from Monday after the weekend again.

1830000   Number of poverty children salvaged by WFP this year in 2018.

2000000   The number of children needing a poor country Latin America donation.

I myself also want to help someone, I feel like I want to realize my own personal dreams and I feel like having fun together with everyone, so that I do not know what to focus on one after all It is the current situation. The fact that I put a picture of the situation of the situation of the poor country of poverty does not help anything, but it is actually only to donate money and help it.

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