8 months of urban life


8 months of urban life

I have spent 8 months in the city from March to October this year.
And I decided to return to the local countryside.
I returned to my hometown because I couldn’t find a job in Tokyo.
There is only a manual labor job in the countryside, but there is no help for becoming pessimistic.
I am thinking a lot about spending meaningful life time.
It was nice to be able to find a specific problem though there were only reflection points.
Anyway, I’m going to study at a vocational training school from December.
It’s not easy to go to school while working, but I don’t want to give up.
I don’t know if I will get a job after about 6 months or go independent.
However, I feel that I cannot work at the factory any more.
I think that the future goal is to make a living by working at home.
We continue to save money as usual, but are satisfied.
In order to secure funds for overseas travel in the future, they are saving money.
I want to believe in my potential even though I have various relationships.
I would like to achieve the goal with interest in climate change and refugee issues.
However, recently I feel that doing economic activities is difficult.
I haven’t earned money by writing a blog, but someday I want to earn money on a blog.
Living in the countryside is definitely a saving.

Round-trip life with Yoyogi Park

I went to Yoyogi Park in Shibuya every weekend for 8 months.
I lived in a city called Kawasaki and went to Tokyo by bicycle.
And I went to churches, parks and seminars near Yoyogi Park.
The means of transportation was by bicycle on a 40km road every weekend.
I was attracted to the city of Shibuya where there are many foreign tourists.
Actually, there was only a place for interaction with foreigners in the church.
It was three months after I actually knew the status of a foreigner running in Yoyogi Park.
A wealthy foreigner who works for a foreign company lives in Shibuya and Roppongi.
I’m a working class low-income person and have no contact with them.
So I didn’t actively talk to the wealthy foreigners living near Shibuya.
The presence of foreigners was attractive to me who wanted to live in a global society.
However, I am low-educated and have little savings.
Because it’s not good for an emotional life, I take the reality calmly.

About Japanese cities

In summary, the Japanese city is a city of consumption.
In other words, it is a boring city that must be consumed.
And it ’s a place of disparate societies.
To succeed, you still need high education and practical experience.
So in order to succeed in Tokyo, you must have an educational background and skills before coming to Tokyo.
I think that it is the same with big cities in the world such as New York, Paris and London.
I once worked part-time at a company in Kawasaki City, but decided that I couldn’t find a job in Tokyo.
After 6 months of job hunting in Tokyo, the remaining 2 months were set as a study period and a short break.
The wages in the city are certainly high, but the amount of work is too much.
Moreover, the price performance is bad because of high prices.
So if you work in a Japanese city, there are only large foreign companies.
In other words, you have to find a job at a large foreign company or move to the countryside.

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