80 years of life is short


80 years of life is short

I think it would be better to do what you want to do and leave no regrets in your life
It is nonsense to constrain one’s range of action for certain people

Gathering information is a hard work

Suffering from huge sources of information
It is difficult to identify information while many false alarms are being sent out

Sri Lankan bomb terrorism is an old story

There was a murder case in the city of Kawasaki, Japan
The criminal is a 51-year-old unemployed man

Intensifying elections in Europe
Nuclear weapon issue
Murder case
Natural disaster

I am feeling sick in the morning
My own wish is a peaceful life
I am so tired that I can’t say jokes now
So I’m making silly videos to encourage myself

Latin culture

The meaning of living cheerfully
Trouble free life
Latin people sharing a good time
I am inspired by Latin culture
People who are feeling unwell due to economic downturn
People who suffer from debt
People who feel uneasy about the future
People who feel angry at something
I thought what to do
What is happiness?
I stopped collecting information
I thought about life alone
I escaped from the noise from the surroundings and returned to nature

Just do my job

I’m glad if I could encourage someone in my area of ​​expertise
Until now, only boring videos of soliloquy have been posted on Youtube
I’ve been posting to social media only my own boring images
I was not working for someone
Change of purpose sense not for oneself but for others
I’m serious about changing things
And I want to keep changing

You are tired but I am also tired
The reason why everyone is thinking only about themselves is because there is no extra power to help others
That’s a valid answer
So I think it would be better to back calculate life and live a life without regret

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