About 17 years ago, when I was surprised and shocked at that moment that is attacked trade center high building in us. And then I thought it feel like times changed for 17 years and all American people will never forget about that nightmare.

Honestly I am not sure why was that happened to us politic situation between islam and christ.

So I can’t take some examples with it but I feel it had been definitely complicate between religions or kind of politician’s conflicting or something like that.

That moment when I was high school student and I certainly remember that was confusing all social medias from that shocking news.

It must ironical incident cuz it was happened to it after end of sport memorial competition Sydney olympic for to remind people peace word.

There are complete mixing some emotion which are angry and sadness and swallow and disappointing in our mind I think. We will never forget any guilty without a cause and should to keep progressing focus power of peace mind, war is over.

I just wander and doubt it that is how useful such as expression to solutions, for example that some celebrities were trying to solve global solution for own expression which is kind of postponed art, song, picture, move, cuisine, and so on, however it seem not effect to solve actual solutions.

From now on

Recently I just had started to remember of such an originally happiness cuz I feel like I have to take care of social regulations and legals. It has easily to support society is donating for institution which is so called no profit organizations. As a volunteer and earth citizen that I think we all person is supposed to be better than past and not should remain our worse things or rules or ridiculous cultures to next general people.

Peaceful our mind having justice for solution.

I got some period to invest something after quit previous occupation and my thought for my pension life that is not allow to remain regrets about dream or donation or volunteering.

For in next decade years and in past two decades years is going to be difference thing I hoping that.

Sometime I am anxious to meet person who seems to be Islamist but I never denying any differ religions or cultures or habits or races whatever things.


It is absolutely necessary to dispute topic which population is better increasing or decreasing for global problems but in my opinion that for next generation I can say it that it should be decreasing each nation’s population since right now. Of couse there are so many problems between our economic condition and government. But you know basically at least it must allowing to compromise each points of view and opinions I guess and it trends to depressing all solutions day by day.

Such a peace group is wanting somebody’s help and donation from a lot of public citizens to save life.

I can’t afford to take all responsibilities for everyone’s lifetime therefore I am not able to recommend to donate as soon. I am thinking of peace resolution meanwhile people’er having pleasant new experiences.

I would say it that God bless people who’s suffering from poorest environment.

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