90 days fiancé


90 days fiancé

I regularly watch 90 days fiancé, a popular American TV show.
So I think about marriage a lot, but I feel that human desires are the elements that make life a ruin.
The couple who feel the honeymoon mood last a lifetime are sheep with no thought.
This is a fact.
However, the ups and downs of life of people who live by emotional judgment are severe.
There is no need to envy it.
A moment of pleasure or a spiritual uplift for a period of time is a devil’s invitation to lead a human into a trap.
Marriage is by no means bad.
It is for marriage eligible.
Mental pain is involved in building and maintaining relationships.
However, people do not have the patience to abandon the delicious food in front of them.
Sleeping overnight resets everything.
Anyway, it’s best to sleep if you’re mentally tired.

Bilateral economic imbalance

There are people who always want to stay mentally happy.
Debt and reckless decisions are made to avoid suffering and sadness.
After all, life consists of boring days.
However, there are many people who want to break boredom and seek unrealistic events.
In order to live in life, on the other hand, the target of teachers is needed.
A person who plays a bad person himself appears on television.
Is it just playing for the performance fee?
I see Americans and foreigners who have many children and have been divorced several times and have been in love.
I feel that I don’t look at myself objectively, not subjectively.
And I feel that their lives are not reasonably advanced.
It solves the problem at hand, ignoring the real problems that come on time.
In particular, the TV program is rubbed by the culture and economic disparities of the couple’s country of origin.
There are no couples from developed countries on this show.

After all, boring days come

The days of excitement do not last long.
I’ve never heard of a honeymoon trip for 30 years and I can’t imagine it.
It seems that people don’t seek unusualness every time they see a fixed description of human relationships.
You may not be able to beat your emotions.
The purpose of this show is to get an international couple married within 90 days.
That’s a very interesting story.
The elements of entertainment are the problems that arise during the process of getting married.
But for me it is not an element of entertainment.
But I think you should watch this program as one of the lessons.
Human beings who are emotionally alive always break human relationships and ruin life.

If the child is a fool, the parent is a fool

Human parents, who live a very stupid way of life, have learned the same.
The child cannot be stupid and the parents cannot have the opposite nature.
I feel stressed every time I see an American with a mother complex.
It is easy to judge a person who is likely to divorce.
I am convinced that marriage and romance will be established if we live normally within the scope of common sense.
However, people like me who are out of common sense are difficult to build and maintain human relationships.
It is never good to force others to have their own different values.
Eventually, he repeatedly breaks love and seeks new love.

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