90 days fiancé & Single mothers


90 days fiancé

Planned to get married within 90 days

I was able to understand that unplanned behavior would ruin my life.
And I really feel for my single mother.
Most of them don’t receive monthly support.
Should I think the costly product of being a child is cute?
Anyway, I have a dislike for the American junk idea.

The entertainment industry trap

I can understand the feelings of people who yearn for America.
It’s not just the label of the world’s largest economy.
Brainwashing by image manipulation of selfish mass media.
I myself had been a prey to the American entertainment industry until I understood the essence of America.
Right now I’m not paying any attention to the American entertainment industry and I’m not charging for it.
I think that we should move abroad on the assumption that there is no paradise in this world.


There are couples who have achieved a happy life in the 90 days fiancé show.
I would like to give praise to a couple who have made good relationships in various conflicts.
However, the couple will fundamentally have problems.
Judging things by looking at the temporary description is very dangerous.
However, it is true that there are couples whose relationships have actually deteriorated as described.
Especially the worst pattern is a couple who broke up after having a child.
I feel that a single mother, who has been looking for a lover many times, really has no education or ethics.
There is no punishment for continuing to find a lover in the 45-year-old group.
But unmarried people just want to enjoy the pleasures of dating after all.

Coronavirus and International Marriage

I think the time will come when overseas travel will no longer be easy.
There are people who believe in returning to the pre-coronavirus turmoil.
I think that is a wishful observation and an emotional assertion.
There are jobs that are in demand even in economic turmoil.
It is an industry that supplies necessary items for food, electricity, water, etc.
The animation productions I create are never necessary for life.
And entertainment and art are just things that humans do in their leisure time.
There are obvious obstacles to international marriage itself, and there are few advantages.
Is there financial allowance and comfort to enjoy foreign cultures through international marriage?
International marriage is nonsense as long as there is patriotism in the homeland.

A poor human portrayal of repeated mistakes

I’m not going to give proper names.
However, there are various ways of living an individual regardless of nationality.
However, I think humans need friends and family who can make objective opinions.
Though it looks like theoretical armament and doesn’t appeal to me, I can understand important things one day.
Perhaps the reason why I don’t notice myself stupid is because I’m avoiding loneliness.

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