90 day fiance

90 days fiance

It’s very interesting American TV program, 90 days fiance

  • You can watch the content of this TV and consists of interracial scenarios
  • there are a few couples in us or outside us and you can learn and watch how to keep connecting with us person as foreigner.
  • Their problems comes from sense and tradition I guess.
  • One side is developed country, and another one is may undeveloped country.
  • Therefore, it is different economic condition from two nations economy’s gap.

And about visa.

  • Once upon a time, in my case, this story was kind of ridiculous content finally.
  • I was fell in love with someone who comes from Chile.
  • We met in uk and we went to study abroad each other.
  • Suddenly I think it was crashing on her looks and after we left uk, we had keep on contact on social net services. It was too long distance between us.
  • Then I thought that it will have getting job in her country to move there.


  • I’ve had thinking of how to get a registered visa and was searching job and learning Spanish.
  • Honestly it must be danger for my future I thought and our relation was just friends for herself.
  • I confessed her own feeling. Her respond was nothing to my confession.
  • Finally we were complete broken up and it has spent a long time after that.
  • I did try to show her some arts.
  • While 90 days as k-1 visa
  • This is not planning to get marry for their parents.
  • Thank of procession, incumbent skill or experience, fund for immigrant.
  • That’s temporally happen for a couple.
  • I had never got k-1 visa and not effective way to contract relation very well.
  • Only 90 days….

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