90% of the destinations are empty


90% of the destinations are empty

I believe there is a world of heaven and hell.
And he is living hard while maintaining his own mental state.
One day I was able to give the final answer.
It is the afterlife.
He realized that there were three places in the world after his death.
As we all know, we are convinced that a world of heaven and hell exists.
But I noticed that there was another world.
That world is a world of nothingness.
In other words, nothing.
Perhaps 90% of the people after death think that the world is nothing.
It goes without saying that good people go to heaven and bad people go to hell.
I think it is very difficult for humans to die as a true good man.
On the other hand, I think that it is rare to die as a true villain.

It is very difficult to go to heaven

It is easy to abandon your own desires and sell and serve your property for the poor.
Although not a difficult act, humans are conservative and weak creatures.
The reason to refuse to sell your property and give it to the poor is that you lose your desire.
It is correct to live on the assumption that humans are stupid creatures.
I believe that believing in humans should be avoided given the uncertain psychology of humans.
Most deceased people who died in the past are convinced that they have gone to a world of nothingness.
If you become a human like Mother Teresa, you may be able to go to heaven.
But I don’t think you can go to heaven by hypocrisy.
God’s judgment will determine our afterlife.
Very few people now have the courage to forsake property and become homeless.

Minority people go to hell

I think few people go to hell.
Humans who are aware of malice and hurt others are more likely to go to hell.
If you die without knowing your guilt, you will go to hell.
However, I think most people have experience reflecting on and tearing.
Not everyone is evil or wants evil.
It is natural to have malice for various reasons.

Our destination is a world of nothing

We experience the world of nothingness every day.
The world of nothingness is a state of sleeping without dreaming.
The state of nothingness is only eternal.
Heaven and hell are dreams.
Good dreams are heaven, nightmares are hell.
If you can see that good dream forever, you are truly heaven.
The hell that continues to enjoy fear and suffering forever is scary.
What is the probability of dreaming?
What is the probability of having a good dream?
What is the probability of having a nightmare?

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