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Appeared in 90days fiance

I want to appear on an American TV show

I’m a little interested in international romance, but I want to appear on American shows.
You have to get a work visa to do business in America.
However, it is true that the current American immigration law is stricter than before.
Every year, there is a lottery for green cards with permanent residence in the US, but I don’t feel like applying for the lottery.
Even if you win the green card lottery, you still need the skills to work in the US and the funds to live.
I’m not thinking of moving to America, but I want to appear on American social media.

Recruiting an American lover

I want to recruit an American girlfriend to appear on 90days fiancé.
They want different environments and different races to enrich their life experiences.
I like to watch a variety of overseas document shows, with the desire to get new values.
We are not simply looking at the United States as an entertainment industry nation.
I want to feel the size of the Americas, but what I am looking for is different.
I can speak a little English, but listening to English is my weak point.

Japanese values

Are you looking for a black American or a black African?
I am interested in black Africans.
I think Japanese people are more attractive to Americans than Japanese Americans.
I am interested in what kind of human science reaction is produced by mixing the characteristics of introverted Asians with the characteristics of extroverting Americans.

This is not a scam

The first step in Italian romance is to identify each other’s personality by dating.
I’m seriously looking for a lover to make a few date before actually dating as a lover.
This is to experience true love and foreign cultures.
People feel they are trying to add a stimulus to their boring daily life.
I actually publish it on my blog and there is nothing hidden.


If you are actually interested in appearing on international romance or an American television program, please feel free to send me an email.

This isn’t something to think seriously, and I have complicated circumstances and I’m sure things won’t go on easily.

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