Boyhood and Dragon Ball


The boy longs for a strong man and is interested in martial arts.
There was a time when I longed for Junkie Chan.
But instead of doing martial arts, he just looked at the depictions of martial arts and was paranoid.
One day I wanted to be an action actor like Jackie Chan.
I myself was influenced by animated heroes.
I personally stopped watching animation since high school.
It is true that I was watching TV anime until I was about 14 years old.
My favorite anime was Dragon Ball.

Dragon ball z

During the early 1990s, I was most crazy about Dragon Ball.
In Japan, Dragon Ball was broadcast every Wednesday at 7 PM.
From when I was a kindergarten child to the lower grades of elementary school, Dragon Ball was the most interesting.
As an adult I have no interest in anime at all.
I am not interested in entertainment and I do not want to do stupid acts like worshiping idols.
However, during his childhood, he bought dragon ball cards and stationery.

Jackie Chan and Dragon Ball

Anyway, I was absorbed in the depiction of fighting.
Dragonball’s human patterns and fighting depictions have a positive effect on my current creative activities.
The fighting description was interesting because it was rhythmical.
I think Jackie Chan’s fighting scene is a kind of live-action and jazz-like.
After all, the reason why serious games like boxing are not interesting is that they are not rhythmical.
The Dragon Ball character wearing a kung fu bodice is just Jackie Chan.

There aren’t many fighting scenes in American anime

I don’t feel the appeal of American anime that doesn’t pursue the movement of detailed anime characters.
I feel that the depiction of Japanese anime characters is awkward for a single god.
I want to add reality to my current anime character movement.
And one of the most important things in making animation is drawing.
I myself change camera angles to entertain people with the movement of anime characters.

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