A day

Monday morning

I anticipate good day tomorrow. I do apologize because I was wrong. Somehow what I am plan to do in future have defect and need to take a discipline for successful well. I am eager to learn something what I don’t know. Some janitors said to me that our hopeless launch into the sky high. Then I was merchandised products for people who has been eating junk foods. There is an obstacle in our life, you do regrets for that. I seldom have time to discuss with anyone who doesn’t know me. I will never urge to choose and that is my policy.

Do you require help?
Somebody say tome that I am accuse someone of lying. I do not dominate this world. The government occupy a lot of place and they imposing their ideas on us. You can reject their ideas, actually I do.
I spend a considerable party, this is an authentic happy life and around men criticize my activate. Recent news that the big bomb devastate the city on some countries. There is nobody grumbles to eat anything all day. I attempt to stand up for them, pay 10 dollar for every month. We need to have associate, but the things is going to be decaying it as like the unused building. I wanna try to devise a new way of helpless for them. I crave people to become a good person.

My gender is male, I am unmarried, I like my current statement
Is it a big offense to challenge everyday? It’s unnecessary to get incentive. You may glare at my pictures I guess. Usual citizens opposes my way of living, surviving, expressing. But I do not allow to hesitate doing because I am scared.

Today expires today.
I am always punctual, never late. I made a big contribution to global warming. I abandoned own car, motorcycle, microwave, iPod and that’s not fall down to my fate. I am glad to tip people living life as smooth. I hoping that it is Lessing H20 emission from anything stuffs anymore. Please refrain from wanting, the desire bursted in my mind. I never pamper myself with too much eating, but another person yearn for chocolate ice cream. I intend to stop traveling this year. This is not meaning boasts that I said. I just would like to brace further future life and not aggravate the relation between anyone and me. I understand that they blissfully eat ice cream on a hot day. They may not bend our customs. All around people’s dwellers are rich.

We are oblivious about something.
One day my pride fractured when we disputing about politic. I’m skeptical it will not change the way of thinking about life.

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