A good day was long


A good day was long

I work on computers using tables in a shopping mall in the countryside. There are few people in the weekday rural shopping mall. They are retired old people, homeless people or old workers. I love the tranquility of the countryside, but seek urban stimulation. I just need nature in my environment. Most people are lazy about how to spend their holidays. He sleeps before noon or until noon, satisfies his appetite without seeking self-growth and spends money on the entertainment industry. My viewpoint is established from the viewpoint of the weak.

There is no shortcut in life, and shortcuts are a detour

It is a recent event that I can understand that making a detour from the beginning is a shortcut. I am satisfied with the current standard of living and have no appetite. I want to spend valuable time meaningfully and I am conscious of serving. In other words, I want to say that it is important to change from the position of receiving to the position of giving something to someone. There is always loneliness in a free place, and everyone just avoids loneliness and gives up freedom and joins a fun party. I think about the meaning of life every day. I also think about human emotions. It doesn’t make sense and I’m just looking for a happy life, not a good result.

Repeat practice and break

Every day I sit in front of my computer, make animations, study on Youtube, write and read blogs and seek self-growth. And I try to maintain my concentration while changing my work place. I know that doing daily monotonous work doesn’t lead to growth, so I always take breaks and study during simple work. The reason I can’t check my own physics is because I haven’t compared it with others. If you are lonely, you cannot grasp the situation of the same competitor. I can’t respond to people’s requests because there are no comments on my Youtube channel. It ’s just being ignored, but I ’m just doing something.

The nature of unnecessary information

I understand the convenience of the internet. But I have to understand how to use the Internet correctly. It’s true that there are stressful Youtube videos and news, and I always try to understand the essence of the information I don’t need. If you spend time in a small room at home, your thinking ability may be dull. That’s why I have time on the internet and I can’t surf the internet for over an hour and a half. Basically, I think there are many people who only see the Internet as a tool for entertainment. I want to use the internet as a work tool and consider it part of the learning equipment. I think that it is important to determine the essence of the video and images that are against morality.

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