A myth that is not a myth


A myth that is not a myth

I want to make non-fiction works that are not non-fiction.
This is a very contradictory story.
However, there is no choice but to break the rule concept to create a new standard.
If you live in common sense, you cannot break the prescriptive concept.
He began to have anxiety and was aiming for a rarity.
The lonely creative period of 2 years and 4 months made it impossible to understand common sense.
I’m just happy to be a weirdo and convinced of that.
The people and history of replicating past expression techniques are like the sin of war.
I am convinced that an epoch-making world will be created from the strange feeling.

Challenge to become the master of creation

We understand that we can never exceed God’s creation.
And he lives every day as a creator who is lower than God.
Sure, I’m making a world of myths, and that’s not reality.
However, I would like to alleviate the wounds that were injured in the severe real world.
Does it have to bring in unrealistic elements?
I read various documents and communicate with the public to improve my creativity and motivate me.
You have to convince the animated character.
He tells the story of the story to an animated character to perform in the animation world.
The animated character is alive.
I have to decide their words and have them say the lines.
Considering that, I can only be surprised at the achievement of God who has been thinking about the script of 7.8 billion people’s lives.

Unlimited expression time

Individual creative activities can be freely expressed.
And there are no restrictions.
There are a lot of constraints and freedoms when you collaborate with someone.
If someone is vacant and it is not possible to work, it is a very troublesome story.
That’s why I prefer individual competition.
The works so far haven’t made any real silence in the animated world.
You can enjoy expressions very much within a few hours of YouTube video.
I feel that consideration of constraints and relationships is more difficult than risk and the amount of personal work.
I make myths, but I want to express non-fiction fiction.
And I think that human behavior patterns are generally fixed.

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