A new life begins from a special day called March 11

I successfully passed the review of the rental agreement

I am glad that I was able to pass the examination anyway in the situation where there was no joint guarantor. Thanks to asking the guarantor’s substitute company, I was able to pass the examination and it is planned to enter the stage of rental agreement from now. Documents necessary for the contract are one resident card, a seal and a bank passbook.

I plan to go on lease with him on the day after tomorrow but I am worried a little because the advance mail does not come from the real estate agent and I am in a rush because I want to adjust with the upcoming schedule. I have moved to the place once 14 years ago from now but actually it was the worst cozy because it was in the shape of grandparents’ home. That’s why the way of living as a shared house is out of the question and the feeling that we always want to secure private space is important, and what we should prioritize is free space and time.

It is anticipated that the cost to be initially charged for rental contracts will be about 300,000 and it will be decided that full-fledged lifestyle will be in effect from April.

The skill that I am about to learn now

First of all, I have to make typing operations quicker. I’m training to type while watching the monitor without looking at the keyboard when typing but it is very difficult and I am struggling hard. The technology of video editing still has to acquire more knowledge and experience at the stage of development and it is necessary to prepare high quality video materials and there are too many things to do. There is no resistance to starting video editing after staying upright and it is best to do things you need to do as soon as possible and solving problems is important in terms of human growth.7

Talks to be known to some extent about the time of departure

I think artistic sensibility impresses people and I have great expectation by doing big challenge from now. A few days ago I was surprised that overseas request for connection application came but I did not have any special expectation. It is a wonderful human activity and it can be said that it is an economic activity to serve as important to support the foundation of people’s living. Today we are planning to shoot video materials to walk in the open air and it is going to rain, so there is a sense of expectation that good video material can be taken. Taking a single resident card required for lease contract, take a walk to the city office, take an interesting image material with the natural scenery in the outdoor park or playground, and finally go shopping and go home. Job hunting starts from tomorrow and the period of original video production activities is getting short. What I need to do now is to improve video editing skills, memorize expert knowledge and self-enlightenment until I get a job.

Circumstances and circumstances of the world that must be considered assuming the future ahead 30 years

Abandoning work as a photographer is simply as a result of thinking about the current situation that demand is low and suppliers are enough. It is not wrong to keep challenging for the whole life and consciousness that only people who can depend on themselves are important. But I do not feel like stopping the leg of the challenge in the fear of an economic burden and it is important to consider things constructively but I do not want to live like a dead I feel like being selfish. It is a certain kind of destiny that I chose the hobby to challenge until I abandon the hobby that my family lives happily with a household. I should make efforts in spiritual leewards and I realized that there is no way that I can not master it.

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