A person who has uncommon sensitive


How long will this consciousness last?

Many people spend reading literature

We are self-educating with every method

Young people check something for mental healing

What you are thinking or feeling was already a direct matter

Someone said that it is more important than dying

There is definitely a lot of uncertainty is an undeniable fact

I am happy if I can get used to myself with free time

If you throw away a lot of things it will be easier to understand physically

Emotions fluctuate Chaotic everyday what I think

There are lots of such customs that the theater that has seemed to be a lie a while ago

Is there a feeling that someone has betrayed me?

Which do you like like eternal life and dying soon?

I have heard stories of a pig running away in the crowd

I do not want to be a clever sheep

I dislike obedient sheep

It is not a rebellious idea but a truth

No matter how much I earn money I can not be happy even if I can make a worldly success

It is a fact that there was a man who did not leave the house because he did not want economic activities

If there really is something you really want to tell it will surely create misunderstandings

I understand that the form and shape that the susceptibility will collapse from one to the next

Ignore me and that’s fine

It is all right to kill me

The poet surely gets summarized beautifully even after making such remarks

I felt like I could be determined to be a dangerous person

I’m going to say Walt Disney in a hurry

About Einstein’s theory of relativity I am not going to complain wildly

I was impressed with Gandhi’s nonviolent idea but now it seems natural

I feel like the old tradition is that the act of going to school to go to school is now

I am simply pleased with the fact that nobody has read this sentence nobody knows anywhere in the world

There is only a doctor who studied medicine that can save the people of the world

I can not cure diseases and injuries in words

There are a lot of people driven by daily conflict

We are sending new days everyday

What are you thinking in the world where everyday life regeneration is repeated?

Those that heal your heart is to recognize your own efforts

A young boy standing in a crowd was dreaming

I have asked someone how far this consciousness lasts

I decided to go only because I can take a detour or take time

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