a person


Who are you? Who am I?
Here is nobody, it’s illusion, I was in dream very much. In fact after die, what’s gonna happened?
Nobody knows it, we are seep in biggest crown, blind world.

It’s strange thing, really really strange and weird I can’t stop thinking of existence.
This consequence is actually going to be eternal continue system?
Come on, I am scary to consider about it honestly, but nobody could stand by you when you die.
Say goodbye scrap crown area, every single year, respectable life passed way and then somebody’s crying.
In your country, how’s your around people who comes from country side is ok? I don’t think so.
There is plenty persons living near your place and in order to solve resolution.
I want my originally way of living in further future that I will grow up as older and library man.
Sounds great, nickname is library man. You gonna be nice library person too?

I can see you over and over.
I can hear you over and again.
I couldn’t meet you in your country.
In your town, city, I don’t even know prefecture.
Between our sense of value is difference.
Wake up this morning, say good morning to myself, wash teethes, check e-mail, view screen of town, how weather is I say, and waking, talking, upsetting, crying, boring, loving, dancing, singing, what are we doing?
We are nobody….
Say nobody….

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