A rogue wolf is feigning to protrude outward from the surface


Many people believe that it can be going it through with upcoming issues

  1. Now I can get a chance to learn about expression of drawing, singing, writing and so on, in this year is that I will grow up to be better than I guessed.
  2. However we have to work for fostering own family and that’s dirty. Wherever you can see many employees who are hardly working everyday, work and work.
  3. Unchanged days, unfortunate days, but we still alive.
    Broken up with relation, each shortcomings, because we couldn’t compromise.
    Usual couples are not willing to remain dating in pension life.
    Singing, dancing, drinking, chatting, having a sex
    Delicious foods, build a own house, desire, desire, desire…………

    Have you ever thought of your funeral in future?
    How is your business? How is your desire?
    Where is your destination?

  4. I definitely agree with the statement that the government should do more to add food tax.
    There are some reasons why I think so.
  5. Overall, how are you doing today?
  6. Using mobile phones cause no harm inside the hospital.

You can look those people who always go to eat junk foods in front of there are.
Look at people who are not allow stifling desire despite no money.
When I am slump for a long period, ought to seek for some encourage from theory.
Nobody wants taking painful so much in order to have a fun party.
A serious danger that not start caring about oneself anymore.
I wanna know something which can be improve my whole career.
Surely I will experience a greater level of happiness as individuals.
How long time is wasting for worse behaving?
There is a growing concern about own issues and governments in this world.
I really afraid of loosing the importance stuffs.
It hardest to go out, if everyone has not tended to look for love and it must unnecessary to concern about economic condition at anytime. But it may hard to accomplish ignoring bored advertisements in any city.
Being punctual for making it in a four years period while I just had struggled to lean how to paint art as working all time. It’s named a individual man who I am.
Human-kind’s demand for homeless is not effect growing power of surviving and there is no easy way to tackle this problem. It depends on such a kindness at moment, after finished homework that some people gonna go back to home for watching tv.

In many major cities of the world, many tourists have been enjoying to see landscapes and shopping at mole. And paid for clothes, entertaining at attraction parks, then laughing, laughing, laughing.
On the other hand, in my case, first of all, see the screen which a lot of people walking on Main Street in the capital city. Nobody greets me. I am not interested in historic buildings and such a populous things,
fashionable. I am supposed to abroad to foreign country for searching job.

Now I am seeing the cloud over sky heigh.
Motion remains stable in over the period.
An overwhelming majority of normally persons prefer for traveling although just under half seems stay at home in vacation, how do you think of that?
Which way to airport, amusement park, shopping center, police station? You may ask such as questions.
I ask god, which way to my glory days?
Going abroad have an influence on the way of our life.
Such a habitual by foreigner has a large influence on our perspective.
An exist of Jesus have a great influence on my own lifetime.

For me such as desirable is still unaffordable and serious problem in the future is that in one words, steady, wanting, undeveloped, unexpected.
Someone tells that certainly, need to careful of control mental state before do something that can have a positive effect upon a oneself’s growth. Last night, I tried to take medication for 30 minutes and could help myself by become nothing.

When communicating face to face, you must not care of people’s emotional and it easier to send a message across. What about eye contacting?
My thought was that it should not report about current states everyday and useless to communicate with anyone by some applications. It has easily way to convey anything everyone without stuffs.
In conclusion that it isn’t possible to touch, feel, taste anything one in virtual world.
With the spread of electronic equipments like the TV and the internet, people disagree with way of previous and classical communication. There are as many disadvantages as there are advantages to make friends who’s state is distant.
I have seen, young people can introduce each other and as a result, it had ended up quickly.

One of the popular hobbies of people is traveling.
One of the popular hobbies of people is joining with party.
One of the popular hobbies of people is an exciting activity.
After dreaming, you gonna have to see reality and reschedule of next period.
I recommend you to consider stability prediction for yourself.

personal happiness, holy bible, and I alive
At the first, hope to be happier than ever and I am hanging on now.
It might possible to stress to my mind during somebody criticizes me.
The ability to get successful that to get a wonderful opportunity while you killing sometime.
The life’s navigation is bible for me. It would be rather than experiences, social media.
I can’t prevent own financial hardship.
An important factor in human activity is count daily, not having a devastating impact on stupidity by poor people. It should remaining living standard.
Surely a university education has an amazing effect on people.
Their historic building has truly effect on our ideology.
Finally the lord has an effect on human’s way
I am sort of well being in that it can be thought of oneself on my mind.

About yasunari

He was born in 1985, on Thursday.
His one of habits is that swiftly try new category.
Then can’t be caring of around discards anytime.
What he wants to support is contributing WFP which’s name is world food program is and $10 per a month.
Some years ago he had took part in NPO and amnesty for a year.
Seems to obey preach by Jesus Christ.
The amount of his oil paint arts is 60 over in a decade year.
Not intensive active was and it has been enjoyed as one of hobbies.
The grace inspiration by Vincent Van Gogh is still keep cheering my motivation.
His height is 175 and weight 68.
Meal’s style is vegetable and no meat since 5 years go, because he noticed what to take good nutrition is especially vegetable.
My job is web design, illustrate which kind of part time, not fun time working as an employee.
My previous job was post officer. I have many experiences about job which are cleaner, pizza delivery, sound engineer assist. It just had temporarily period as part timer.
My whole failures in past are what it had misunderstood to choose sport category and got backache cause of lift up heavy weight stuffs in workplace.

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