About 2019

About 2019

The flow of time felt very quickly, every year I get older.

What is gonna happened to us in 2019?

Are you already have a plan what you want to do in 2019?

It will may have remained global economical system.

People dont have to prepare for that to survived it.

Recent news that adobe softwares had renewed and became to more effectively items for all of creators.

Its not easy to accomplish to used to use new softwares actually, in fact Im struggling to get a lot of skills right now.

In 2019,

March. UK leave the group of EU

June. Woman soccer World Cup in France

June. Animation move Toystory4 coming up

September. Male rugby World Cup in Japan

There is no a largest scale events in particular I think.

What do you expect for 2019? I think crossing the year is kind of turning point for everyone.

There will be more valuable feelings because there are lots of valuable knowledges and experiences to remember in 2019.

Rather, the year 2020 will be more important than 2019.

And 2020 will be a certain year of meaning for anyone somehow I guess.

I think that next year will be the preparation period for the next year after all.

This year there is for next year, next year there is for the coming year. The effort this year has been important for next year. If you are trying hard at this year, I think there are few cases of conflict next year.

  1. Tax increases
  2. Municipal tax
  3. National pension
  4. Car tax
  5. Support cost
  6. National health insurance premium
  7. Fire insurance premium
  8. Earthquake insurance premium
  9. Cancer insurance premium
  10. Housing loan
  11. Utility charges
  12. Property tax
  13. Nursing care insurance fee

Please do not run away from reality. It will be easier after taking a tough reality first. I think that using wisdom and emotion separately is the most effective way of life. Everyone doesnt want to hear such a story. How about trying out thinking firmly before you enjoy halloween. Its stupid story isnt it?

If you want to make it a good harvest, sowing seeds from an early stage. That the effort now is the main.

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