Let’s accept the fate of the plague

Everyone wants wealth and fame and thinks that they are alive in life hoping to increase pleasure and mood.
When I considered my own pedigree, I realized that the size of the possibility was narrow and I was desperate and tried to overdrink and overeat.
If I give up on others, I will hurt myself more and I decided to secure the time of loneliness by ignoring the mass media as much as possible.
I thought that I would commit suicide if I did not organize my mind, I tried to pursue the philosophy of life by saying a single word.
It is a fact that everyone has merits and at the same time lives on a daily basis, taking into account the burden of the disadvantages.
The best thing about me is that I can fully enjoy the quiet environment and free privacy and spend a stress-free life.
There are few extra problems and I am immersed in a sense of superiority when I see people who get rich and fame troubled by surrounding real problems.
But my disadvantage is that I live in a life without love and having a heartless spirit and feeling pain in a tough society.
I live in solitude every day with the choice of giving priority to real problems and discarding human love.
My best friend feels like I’m trying to communicate in person in a state where I am paralyzed everyday by myself I myself enemies.
I have a reason not to feel jealous that the total wealth of a popular American female solo singer is about $ 300 million.
After all, we are aware that human beings will surely die someday.
Human beings are convinced that if you enjoy life, you will naturally endure the life and you will have a deep fear of dying.
Most people are competing in a competitive society for worldly success but do not think at all about dying or have a religious mind.
I’m interested in dying because I’m a loser of life and I don’t feel totally unprepared for this world.
My true feelings are the hope that I hope to die someday, and if I’m afraid of being lonely I have fear for the last day of my life.
I do not deny the human aesthetics of dying beautifully, but I know that the actual human dying moment is unexpectedly vain.
I felt despaired about the later appearance of my grandfather who suffered from terminal cancer, and human beings may be foolish by emotional way of life.
I can’t get a job, I can’t earn money on blogs or Youtube, I’m in a state of despair now.
There is no point in having a jealousy for people working on the Internet I decided to have respect for the people of the legend.
I decided to superimpose the lives of artists, writers and actors who have received evaluations and legendary titles after death, and my life.
Popular people are certainly spending a satisfying life with wealth and fame, but they can claim that they are not legendary.
The reason is that everyone can meet popular people if they pay money, and because they have symbiotic status, the value of the existence of popular people and the general public is the same.
However, the legendary human being is so great compared to the popular one.
A legendary human being is basically a deceased person, an illusion that no one can meet again, and I think it is close to the existence of a kind of God.
The way to get in touch with the popular survivors is to pay for money.
I can pay a lot of money to see Donald Trump and Taylor Swift and I don’t feel attracted to idol worshiping.
We can not meet Bruce Lee and Gogh even if we pay a few trillion dollars, they mean that they have built up wealth forever.
My life of betting on romantic dreams is not bad I hope to find some celebrities hundreds of years later.
I strongly expect that my work will be recognized and legendary by the next generation of humans someday after I die.
Life is short and the real human activity period is about 30 years, I cherish time and feel the countdown of life.
I analyze the psychology of a stubborn ordinary person who does not want to admit that he does not notice that it is popularized.
I’m not looking for anything now, but simply being lonely I can respond to real problems quickly and can afford to enjoy real problems.
For me the result is meaningless and the important thing is the process until the end, I think I have to feel the depth of the taste of life.
I understand the difference between the possibilities of collective action and solitary action, and if I want to be successful in the short term, I think that it is better to conduct economic activities by collective action.
I may be annoyed that I am a lone wolf or a foolish man playing a narcissist.
People’s psychology is broken by long-time Internet video viewing and information gathering, and I think we must always have sanity.
I sometimes feel fear for the question of what will happen after we human beings die.
I am convinced that when humans lose their normal morals, they are acting together or interacting.
When a human loses morals, it easily defams others or smits others and puts all things into a negative chain.
It is a form of popular life that the public looks down on me without friends, remembers the pleasure of superiority and continues to be addicted to collective action.
I really feel the events of life that strange things and human beings always experience good things after getting sad.
I always think that human beings are sinful creatures who are devoted to the discipline of the spirit and that they are ill-informed life forms.
I don’t have the cause to give good things to someone using various freedoms of expression, and humans have good and bad.
By chance, I feel that it is nonsense to forgive people against chances, and I feel I should continue to have feelings of anger and sadness over my life.
I feel compassion for myself in the past who was thrilled to see the depiction of the inhabitants of the embodied world filled with love.
I’ve been trying to pass on my responsibilities many times, but I’m thinking of ways to relax and understand that it’s most dangerous when I’m just stopping work.
I’m curious about the unknown world and the world of death at the end of the universe beyond the sky I looked up, and I’m already bored with developing materials.
I feel disgusted with the overuse of the global environment, the pursuit of convenience, the expansion of entertainment, and I want to feel the sound of the heartbeat of life.
We suffer from coolness every day, but it is not a legitimate way to evaluate only the appearance of the surface.
I’m trying to live tomorrow with the intention of starting my life from the middle of the desert while remembering my childhood when I learned the iron taste of blood.

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