Adobe Animate

Adobe Animate is a handy tool that makes it easy to add animated characters to home video footage.
I personally have been using Adobe products since May 2018.
He first ordered a one-year use plan and self-taught her skills in handling Adobe products.
I bought a SLR camera at the same time as the Adobe product.
All you need for video production is a personal computer, Adobe applications and shooting equipment.
In particular, it is recommended that you purchase a set of Adobe products on your first purchase.

Image Editing Photoshop

Currently I only use Adobe Animate products.
Photoshop is another useful application for editing images.
If you have Photoshop skills, you can get a job at a web related company such as a web design production company.
If you also have the skills of Illustrate, you can increase your chances of finding a job.
 Photoshop is a surprisingly simple tool, and it’s so powerful that anyone can get hooked.

Video Editing Premiere Pro After Effect

In recent years, the demand for video editing work has been increasing.
That’s because it will change into the 5G era, and the market is mainly Youtube.
More and more people are earning income as a video editor as a side job and turning it into their main business.
Most of my past Youtube videos are from Premiere Pro.
The stock of materials is abundant, so a variety of video expressions are possible and you can also create your own materials.

Animation Production Adobe Animate

I learned skills while watching educational YouTube videos.
Skills to move a character are not easy.
In fact, even a few seconds of animated video require very long and detailed work.
But I am convinced that the animation production market is blue ocean.
I withdrew from the video editing market, simply because there are so many great people and relatively easy skills.
There are few creators who watch YouTube randomly every day and make animation videos.
That’s why I am now using Adobe Animate to create animations.
This is a very challenging task because the way of expression is infinite.

Let’s try it for free

I am looking for the same animator.
So I want to make friends with the creators and raise my motivation to create works.
I want you to use the free trial instead of purchasing a usage plan for one year.
You can cancel your plan at any time, and managing your account is easy.
I think you need an Adobe product to express yourself.
And absolutely need Adobe to earn as a web creator in the future.
Expand your life possibilities.

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