Adobe Animate draft


Adobe Animate draft

You have to think about character design and story content.
So ingenuity is very important to the creator.
I’m drafting and thinking about the story.
In other words, instead of devising a story from the beginning, we are thinking about developing the story during the production process.
After all there are many times when the progress is bad.
But as a creator, I never compromise on my work.

Save the image anyway

Sometimes, all work records are wasted without being saved.
We recommend that you send a report to the Adobe Support Center each time.
That’s why I always save every single frame during video production.
It is important not to add multiple characters in one folder if possible.
I think it is best to set one folder per character.
In particular, the characters drawn are symbolized and stored.
If you want to save it as an image, set it to Jpeg and keep it in your blog.
It’s not just for showing to readers, but for marketing yourself.

Character design in the morning

1. Create a new name and save it

2. When the character design is completed, convert it to a symbol and save the image (Jpeg, Png)

3. Background drawing after character design

Video production in the afternoon

1. Check the frame rate (video time)

2. Platform type is set to ActionScript3.0

3. Move the character by pinning or bone linking

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