Adobe Animate facial expressions

Work required to make a living face

1. the blink

2. Up and down movement of eyebrows

3. Mouth


Creating a blinking action for a character is very easy.

1 Symbolize both eyes

2 Double-click both eyes after symbolizing

3 Set the frame to about 3 seconds

4 Erasing with the eraser tool from above every 0.25 seconds


I don’t move my character’s eyebrows very much.

When you move the character’s mouth, you just move the eyebrows up and down a little.


The mouth shape of the character must be made with the English alphabet.

There are three ways to make it.

The first is a pattern that simply moves the character’s mouth.

The second is a pattern that moves through the collaboration of both eyebrows and the mouth of the character.

The third is a pattern that creates a facial expression that symbolizes the entire character’s head.

→ Free sound effect

→ Audio Stuck

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