Adobe Animate human anatomy and character animation


Unless you understand the structure of the human body, you cannot make realistic human movements.
It is necessary to study the structure of the muscles of the whole body and the structure of the human face such as facial expressions.
I want you to borrow a book like a human body picture book at the library and sketch it.
I am particular about the shadows created by the facial skeleton.

Symbolize body parts

The whole body is divided into 14 parts.
In other words, you must make at least 14 symbol items.

1 head

2 neck

3 Upper body

4 Lower body

5 Upper right arm

6 Right forearm

7 upper left arm

8 Left forearm

9 Right thigh

10 right lower leg

11 left thigh

12 left lower leg

13 Right foot

14 left foot

Characteristics of tools used for movement

1) Use a pinning tool to make flexible movements.

2) Bone tool to make constant movement

3) Rotation tool to move the whole body to collaboration

Basic movement is walking

The time to create one step is set within about 1 second.
I think walking is the first challenge for animators.
The trick to creating a walking movement is not to make an exaggerated movement.
Then, the movement until the two legs intersect can be achieved by slightly bending the knee on which the foot is stepping and lowering it later.

First practice with lines

I myself are still unfamiliar with moving the human body.
I think beginners should practice with the rotation tool.
If you get used to it, use the bone tool.
The pinning tool can create the most realistic movements, but cannot move contours.

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