Adobe Animate start and end animation


Adobe Animate start and end animation

Difficulty of expressing

The theme of my animated video sets a life lesson.
I’m struggling with the animation production process.
There are many things that do not progress at all a day.
I refer to American animation that is made with more rough movements than Japanese animation that emphasizes fine movements.
Mostly character movements are mostly made with pinning tools.
The number of seconds per frame is shortened so that you can enjoy the depiction of each frame.

Emphasis on interesting depictions produces counterproductive results

I’m trying to make a funny animated video, but it’s very human sense of humor.
The challenge is to be able to provide rich emotions by maximizing the expression in a short time.
Don’t overuse vulgar expressions or black humor.
Whenever I can’t come up with a good idea in the middle of a production, I run, write blog posts and change places.
It’s true that you’ve got some particularly interesting drawing tips from Youtube.

Stock and carefully selected process

The color of the work changes with the combination of video and audio.
I stock up countless videos and combine them, which is very difficult.
I am worried about the development of dozens of videos.
Watching his own videos in the past, he is preventing rut.
It is very challenging to always create while exploring new ways of expression, but it is difficult.
Ultimately, you need to stick to your own style.

Main production process

1. Produce a single-frame video for a few seconds

2. If you can prepare a certain amount of top video, connect

3. Once connected to one video, save it once to a video file

4. Edit (add audio, adjust speed, cut unnecessary depiction)

5. Save to video file after editing
6. Create various variations by splitting clips

Anyway, I think it is important to make a prototype and pursue it.
It’s the same as musician recording.
It’s fun to record good takes, connect them and make arrangements.
This is exactly what we create.
It’s OK to recognize that mass-produced works in commercial business are of low quality.

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