Adobe Animate Voice

You need to voice record to MP3, MP4, WAV etc

You can insert a voice into the character.
Prepare the recorded material.
The material is prepared in MP3, WAV, MP4, etc.

Life to Animation

Create a new folder and make a folder for audio.
Alternatively, copy and paste the audio folder from the animated video with audio provided by Adobe.

1 Select the property of the sound source material in the library
2 Click the loading location and select the prepared sound source

Set each shape of the symbolized mouth. Then click on the mouth and select the clip in the properties.
Click the button labeled lip below that location and set the mouth to match the alphabet.

A pattern that moves through the collaboration of both blinks and the mouth of the character

A pattern that creates a facial expression that symbolizes the entire character's head

you can follow me, if you want

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