In near decades future that we are willing to restart anything new for living and then some people are going to prejudice of upcoming troubles between people and AI.

Actually there are so many soft wares in social net business for making money as easily I thought.

Basically everyone must focusing on next general cultures and appearances as far as it won’t destroy this world by humanity disasters.

In fact such a industrial technologies are complete developing every years and people must acknowledge such as modern innovated cultures.


I’m used to use some adobe soft wares for business and for me especially tool is might photoshop which are able to edit ordinal pictures and photos and adding some items, words and flame and illustrations and delete useless parts and so on.

Anybody is might able to use this tool photoshop at the beginning as well as I do.

It isn’t difficult soft ware and my thought is that my grandpa is always enjoy to use it as a beginner.

Also it’s possible to sell own photo for make money and there are many people is using adobe stock which can sell and buy photos on network business.

A lot of companies are wanting plenty of fascinated photos for using part of advertisement. 


As a web designer it is importance soft ware that abode illustrator is.

If want making own web site or calendars or something like need designing stuffs you can afford to use abode illustrator which is able to make logo and banner and so on.

It has most impressed design skills are certainly moreover creative art power to convey any merchandizes and it seem to be interested soft ware for creator.

Abode creative cloud 

It isn’t too much cost to use soft ware for a year and should trying to enjoy all abode soft wares and actually I’m using all abode soft wares per a year.

It was cost almost $600 for it.

Premiere Pro & After Effects

  1. Tradition 
  2. Move color and each effect parts
  3. Title
  4. BGM

click on new project on startup menu

Input on new project’s name

  • Save
  • Select on edit menu
  • Click on set up system
  • Select automatic save
  • Set up at 5 minutes

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