It is unquestionably true that a specific technology’s era is coming to our daily in near future.

There is not a significantly definition of making dream come true and you have to contract lifework.

Not in the mood for joking and such a predictions of ordinary citizen is possibly an optimistic projection for our future. Modern lifecycle for global issues is an inadequate habits that remaining the same and being like crown of seep is not effect to predict foreseeable risk. About ion a crisis of energy from earth makes people in future generation and then what do we gonna?

I don’t think it can be solve all resolution by methodology of science anymore. People seem to think otherwise.

We have to prevent progression of devastating environments in this world, it will never allow to concern unaffordable situation.

Now I give plenty of thought to the future.

How’s your daily?

You must not take suitable method by public view.

Somehow I am not good at cultivate a long term relationship.

A proffered mode of behavior is absolutely natural things that a best friend as turtle, own place, for myself.

This morning, I awakened from a weird dream at 7 am.

I try to remember an inescapable problem after awakened.

Need to store a large amount of art picture until this month and I want an inventive design with virtue and vice.

The theme is kind of frazzling appearance in public place which a man has leathery mind, an upright posture for aim, an optimum amount of kindness for people who doesn’t know me, you know?

So far my whole activate career in a decade years ago that go into a counter flow, caring disintegration of a society, the aftermath of a war. Basically I don’t care political controversy.

The gap between preconception and reality…

Inconsistency between words and deeds…

We gonna have to stand hard work for nothing?

Making a stubborn resistance at age of a flourishing new industry is for me that awaiting the arrival of newly style from uncharted territory.

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