Adopted child

Adopted child

There is no particular reason but I have a desire to foster adoption. I have a situation where I can not prepare the necessary funds to transfer adoption and the necessary assets to grow, but I have a desire to live with the children of developing countries while simultaneously entrusting the future to children. I think that living with a child who does not fall in a blood relationship can be able to respect each other by living with a human of a different character that is convenient for me. The way to actually help developing countries is to listen to talks that don’t really get the donation while there is no choice but to give it.

I want to earn a lot of money to make the necessary funds to foster adoption

I have no idea how to accept adoption, but I do not really hear the story of a child living as adoption in Japan where I live. I’m still pessimistic about the act of leaving myself alone and leaving my descendants, but I want a life partner who can coexist and co-prosper who wants to live with loved ones. I believe in serving the rest of my life not for myself but for someone else is a kind of faith and I have a strong desire to build wealth in heaven. I can agree on getting married, but if my girlfriend wants to have a child in the future, my answer is No. In fact, I do not have the economic power to provide financial support to send adoptive students to graduate school, but I want to realize that someday I will build a good and pay for adoptive children.

There are a lot of things that can be done while still alive, and I think that it is better to set realistically possible goals and work hard

Marriage with people from developing countries

I find myself very pessimistic about myself very objectively. I’m thinking of giving ideas to more people in my lifetime, thinking about ideas daily and trying to understand things in a rising mind and not leave regrets. Funding is necessary for all realization, and if we do not build assets in a certain period, we can not help people, and it can not actually help anyone to say clean things. If there is someone like me who wants to accept adoption someday, I would like you to send me an opinion by email and I have a desire to hear various opinions. I do not want to forget the spirit of the NPO even while living in a tough real world, and I really want to play my own role while alive.

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