Aesthetics of life class and physical labor fatigue and like life philosophy


Aesthetics of life class and physical labor fatigue and like life philosophy

It is recognized as a fact that I usually feel cramped while running around in Tokyo
Not hate people in suits walking on the road of office buildings with tall buildings in central Tokyo
However, there is a disparate society there, and I am a working class person, and I am in a position that I can not live without physical labor.
At lunch time, many men and women in suits go to delicious restaurants and lunch boxes and eat lunch
I can not afford to pay for my lunch, so I take a walk in the office area at lunch break time and kill time
I want to be a businessman or writer who can be active on a big stage by myself someday, and I do not feel any jealousy at all
There is nothing to deny such a way of life like the people of Hirano who go back on the last train every night I feel that I want to be with me
However, I feel that it is not always desirable to continue the act of earning money by overworking the body every day
I’m 33 years old now and I’m feeling limit in continuing to run tens of kilometers every day on road bikes and I’m thinking about the future
I want to earn property income quickly and I still do not study enough and want to use the expressive power to serve in society
I think I should not think in a self-centered way of thinking and I have a good understanding of social systems
Every night I must wake up and realize I’m trying to live hard while suffering from gastroenteritis
It’s been a couple of weeks soon after I have started working and I think I have to hit on the future
I run around in the office and sweat and I think that I can solve the problem of lack of exercise by doing manual labor
Being able to earn money through intense aerobics is great and I think office work is by no means the best of human service activities
Every night I am tired on my way back, but I’m on a long bike ride and I’m not using any public vehicles
I have always been concerned about global environmental issues, especially concerned about climate change, and I feel that bicycles are the best.
It is true that people in the upper class are highly educated and have more intelligence and knowledge than I am and I may not be able to make my office a working environment
I have been doing manual labor ever and worked long hours at low pay
Within the remaining five years I have to make another big decision and I feel that we should consider the assets in a few years’ time
I was not dissatisfied with my own small assets, looking at the appearance of the employees of a large company going out of the office
I really want to live as an expressive person, and I intend to make sure to live in a new environment several years later
However, even though he is employed, he must actually purchase his own work tools and honestly my current economic situation is painful
I drink lemon tea while listening to the melody of the healing music box every day to heal my tired heart and I do not want to rely on alcohol and cigarettes
At lunchtime in the office district, office workers can see a row trying to meet their appetite
It is best for me to draw a dream while looking up at the sky rather than having lunch at a convenience store, a catering restaurant or a fine restaurant
I may be a fool from a social point of view or I will not be able to become an obedient worker as a lifelong worker
On the way home from the office, witness the appearance of the housewives working in part when going to a supermarket and shopping
I fully understand simple labor and the suffering of working class people, and I believe and believe that if a rich man gets rich in heaven early, he will fall in hell
For me who has been separated from society for a year from last year, I was able to reaffirm the importance of human relationships and human beings can not live alone
My weekday schedule is a creative activity at midnight, going to bed at dawn, waking up at 7 am, going to work at work for eight hours and going home
It is a fact that you can afford to see the landscape of the city’s office district by traveling on a road that you are used to on road bikes
Honestly, I am not confident that I can do messenger work for several years, and I live by thinking about the second option
I’m freeing the community in social media and I’m writing blogs everyday so I can organize my feelings very much
Being creative with Google play, I am keenly aware of the high demand for Internet applications
Every time I work while listening to the entire album of one artist’s song
I want to do typing, speak English and communicate with people outside of Japan even when I am an old man

However we can not stop the rat race

We recognize as a fact that we are in a vicious cycle of earning and consuming labor income
I was convinced that even if I worked hard every day, I could not get out of the low-income group because my income was about $ 90 a day
Never stop thinking is a danger signal and I’m thinking of giving up a silly rat race in a rational judgment in an instant
I am convinced that it will never lead to happiness even if I endure mental pain and continue to provide effort and I am a philosopher
Even if you understand that if you’re doing simple tasks and being instructed by your boss you must keep on stress, the world will seek financial stability
What I felt about working in a stressed social environment for the first time in about a year is that human beings have their respective areas of expertise
I was able to see myself calmly looking at the upper class people having a pleasant conversation in a high rise office district of the city
When I was waiting for a signal in a state of exhaustion, I saw rich foreigners, converted to western thinking, and fixed the direction of life
I understand that it is not a risk to challenge in a one-time life, but I can not be a Western thinker because I was brainwashed by Japanese society
In fact, I have distrust in the economic power of my home country, and I expect the economic power of my home country to decline, and I think that’s a great thing
From now on I decided to live collecting information while relying on foreign products and communication
I do not respect to Japanese people who work in the worst labor contract and do not complain and I know what is serious
The Japanese believes that they are only trying to protect large companies and companies without strong decision-making and a desire to break through the current situation.
People living in a normal capitalist state would like to travel abroad and would like to have dinner with their family every night
However, I am only dissatisfied that I was born in a nation called Japan and was born with a label of Japanese
For what purpose humans do not pursue the true purpose of being alive humans are foolish and it is an animal that has just stopped thinking like a sheep
I may just want to finish this stupid rat race and continue to seek freedom and intent and live with loved ones in a quiet forest

Friday night pleasure and Monday morning despair

People who become desperate and feel despaired on Friday morning with joy in the evening of Friday and a dead eye and become slaves are only thinking stopped
Being able to have patriotism for a nation of Japan without a paid leave system is a strange phenomenon for me and I would be a non-people
I can not be a salaryman as I am completely individualist and I do not intend to sacrifice myself for national interest
I feel that the tools needed to survive this modern society are the latest information, the personal computer and the courage to disclose my idiosyncrasies

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