Afternoon time


Afternoon time

Write an animated character design and write a blog post in the morning.
Run at noon.
And after running, take a shower and work again.
The only time to collect information is in the morning after getting up.
Look at social news on the Internet, but do not read through news articles.
Because the daily social news is offensive to me.
There are no reports that could lead to improvements in the global environment.

Best afternoon time

My biggest goal in life is to continue my creative activities until I die.
So I don’t have the feeling of rushing into work.
In the long run, I want to live a day without thinking impatiently.
There are many opportunities to remember past painful experiences.
It is a remedy to reprove yourself for depravity.
Every time I remember working in the afternoon at a factory, I felt painful.
The time to recall the memories of the past is in the afternoon.
It is said that the best time for humans to concentrate is in the morning.
The reason why I run at noon is not just to eliminate my lack of exercise.
To recharge and concentrate for the afternoon work.
But work in the afternoon is not very long.
I want to work creatively with the attitude of an automaker that makes Italian luxury sports cars.
It ignores the attitude of East Asian countries to mass produce low-quality goods.

The most important thing is to devise

I don’t deny anyone taking a nap in the afternoon.
There is no one who is younger than today.
It is not work but creation.
If you create something while adding creativity to your work, high-quality products are subject to company trial and error.
I sit in a quiet room on a chair and look for unpleasant events and the nature of disgusting information.
Because modern social issues are very negative, we cannot receive information as it is.
If you accept the information as it is, you will fall into depression.

The world situation of maintaining the status quo every year

Anxiety and jealousy slow down the pace of creative activity.
I am struggling with my own serious personality.
How many people think deeply about the significance of existence?
I don’t think I should give or deny all human beings.
Humans always have two sides.
I want to help the deceived masses, but I can’t help because the demons of commercialism are so powerful.
I am angry with human rationalism.
People who simply do 8 hours of work have no time to think.
After returning home from work, you have to become a prey for the entertainment industry.
In other words, society does not give people any time to think.
So I try to think a lot during the afternoon.

Afternoon time is time for thinking activation

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