Agricultural corporation

Employment for an agricultural corporation

My wish not to be familiar with urban life is to live in nature
It is a fact that I have worked hard to make my dreams come true and I feel my life
I feel that I have to decide the shape of my future life
And I attend a job festival of an agricultural corporation on a holiday
I feel that life is really a space for killing time, but I don’t think it’s a good thing to seek pleasure
Everyone is making wasteful investments in various entertainment industries
It is not advisable to spend tens of millions of dollars for a change

Everyone is an old man

Japan’s environment in an aging society is a place for old people
I feel that I have few opportunities to see young people and live
I think that the reason there is a sense of alienation in the town is because of the declining birthrate and aging population
There are always negative effects on various life options and you have to live with the stress of the problem
What are you looking for?

Organic cultivation

I want to cultivate crops and run agriculture without using pesticides
When we think about the natural food chain, we associate human beings
In a competitive society, a loser must work hard on the body for the winner
I like to cook while eating raw cabbage
It was possible to become fond of vegetables with a bad thing that I got into eating a lot of vegetables by getting worse in the gastrointestinal tract around March 2015
I’m worried about the vegetable growing industry or the slaughtering industry or the option of dairy farming
We want you to know that you can think about the anxiety and early life plan of the young people who can not live a pension life

Various anxiety in the future

Being unable to receive 1 pension
2 Temperature rise due to bubble fluctuation
3 Depletion of limited fossil fuels
Food Crises Caused by the Growth of the World Population
5 Ascending to sea level and sea water begins to flood on land

Basically I understand the meaning of happiness
I fully understand the meaning of success, the meaning of sadness and the meaning of anger
We know that everyone lives with evil

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