Agriculture in Japan


1 Livestock
2 vegetable garden

A big decision to avoid the urban working environment and
the benefits of local migration support!!
I feel the significance of growing and selling cereals and vegetables, cows, pigs and birds
And I decide the area

Content of migration support

1 Providing low-priced rental housing
2 $ 50 off monthly rent for one child with childcare support
3 $ 1000 gift for one child
4 $ 2,000 gift for the second child
5 $ 3,000 gift from the third child

Tohoku region of Japan
Kyushu region of Japan

Japan’s declining birthrate wants a higher birth rate and more local migrants

This may be good news, but Japan’s declining birthrate problem is serious
I feel like it will be deep trouble in nearly future

The pension system will collapse in the future

I stopped drinking and smoking so I could continue working until I died
Do I feel a sense of crisis in Japan’s declining birthrate and aging society, and I am planning my own old age
However, bad weather is occurring due to climate change
In fact I hear that there are people who are measuring big business development in agriculture
I want to make my last work of life social service for myself
Well I want to keep working with a smile, hahaha
Thank you

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