Usual jobs are going to disappear in front of us in near decade year I guess.

  • Actually my around environment is been some devices which is able to cope solution instead of our work.
  • Basically such a kind of robot’s technology is always processing and improving our dailies because of highly programing was made by great engineers.
  • Back in 1995 when I was kid I’d seen a casher which is able to out charge.
  • Look back at 1900 to 2000 between 100 years that human’s occupation is adding and loosing case by case. The human’s technological history have always been seeking for convenience and useful for human’s happiness.
  • Then I thought it is time to focus to upcoming modern works for living in the near future.

It will be depressing in near future I guessing that …

  1. Casher
  2. Industry
  3. All user surveys

There is so many applications on internet and it will be dramatically taking demands as much as better than ever. Especial or essential job is soft engineering in this age.

  • We can’t ignore current high technologies and anyone knows about major applications which are facebook and instagram and twitter and tumor and so on. For oldies that is kind of unbelievable tools.
  • Besides those are durable tools for relating.
  • We have to know moreover about contents of computer program basically.
  • I didn’t even know programing languages which HTML and CSS and Java and basic languages.

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