Alabama police admit to killing wrong man in mall shooting

Bradford family

I do not know how to catch the sad news that a black youth has died by police gun firing. From a person in one of the countries outside of the United States I felt that all the races of the American country coexisted together. Every time I learn of such a sad incident, I understand that these racial issues in the country of the United States are sensitive and there is a gap between different races. Perhaps there is dating and marriage with other races if you go to the capital of the United States, but that is actually a different story in a few small stories. It is the fact that white people worked black people as slaves in the background of the American history and the background of hundreds of years ago history is still deeply rooted. By the 1960s blacks were subject to discrimination, so the speech by Mr. Martin Luther King was famous and respected from the Asian perspective. A story of a white guard shot a black youth shot can not be told that such historical thing is not the cause and I can not judge it because it is not American and I am not in American society. I understand how hard it is to live in society for humans living in a multinational country. Honesty I think that there is a place that can not be understood forever and the truth is not understood even if it expresses by words. In countries like the United States and North America, people of various races coexist and live, but I think that consciousness of race difference is working in the head. Unfortunately, it is true that there are white people who dislike blacks and whites do not like white people, and there are white people and black people who dislike Asians, and we must recognize that we were born as various types of human beings Is. But I think the truth is that it is not a race difference but an individual difference. I also had black students and Hispanic students who dislikes white students and white lecturers who dislikes studying abroad. But that does not dislike nationality and race, it just dislikes individuals. There is no such thing as a perfect world, but I think that it is important for everyone to coexist with each other aiming for a perfect world. If friends who can play along well are Blacks, Caucasians or Hispanic people, the difference in race can be related or the partner of life who can build a happy family can be a problem even if it is an interracial person. The problem between interracial races is a bit somewhat sensitive and I think that consciousness is working in the middle of the American citizens even if they do not make it public. I am an Asian but there is nothing I have thought about whether white people, black people or Hispanic people are enemies or ally and it is a matter of nothing about the difference in nationality. It would be the best way to start making peace from emphasizing the inner side rather than the appearance. Mr. Bradford’s death is sad and angry for the black people and I think that Asians like me do not have authority to enter into brokerage.

I think that living in an American society is really difficult. The image of the American that I made up with entertainment is completely different from the actual, the real world is more severe and there is no interesting everyday. There is news that Americans are starting to immigrate to Canada because of the concern of American society and I do not know where America’s future policy is going. Competition of perfect liberal democracy I think that caravans should decide to immigrate to America after understanding what the country of the United States is fierce. I know that many young American black men are studying hard and studying hard to grasp the American dream and Bradford was one of them. I can not judge what was wrong because I can not grasp the operation situation and the internal circumstances of the workshop so well, but I would like you to resolve it in a form that clarifies detailed situation of the incident.

Please accept my sincere condolences.

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