Alain on Happiness

Alain on Happiness

Recently I am reading Alain on Happiness, a French philosopher.
I haven’t read it yet.
However, I began to be aware of extensive reading.
Good things about bad books are nonsense.
It is necessary to read a good book because it refers to the thoughts of the author.
But what is a good book?
I started reading philosophy books a month ago.
And I was impressed by Socrates, Plato and Aristotle.
And I realized that philosophy is very important in the sense of living in life.
If I started studying philosophy earlier, I could have a meaningful life from a young age.
I regret the past that I have lived by making use of my own daily experience.

Read the same book twice

Reading can be very intelligent.
But you can’t just get the knowledge from books.
There is no point unless you always use your thoughts there.
So after reading through, I’m thinking about sitting in a chair in a room at home.
Anyone can think and it’s easy.
It is important to read it twice.
I picked up the same book at the library and read it carefully for two days in a row.

There is no utopia

The fictitious ideal town is called Utopia.
Happiness cannot certainly be obtained by the service of others.
In other words, even if you receive a gift, the joy is only a moment.
It’s the same with entertainment consumption.
Is the time of joy obtained by charging more than 24 hours?
The answer is no.
It will be a joy time of about 5 minutes at most.
People who have sold their own working hours and effort there.
It’s really stupid and they should read the philosophical book as soon as possible.
There is no utopia in this world.
Is there a nation with all utopian elements?
Canadian countryside?
I don’t think it makes any sense to move to another place to be happy.
This is what I felt while reading the theory of happiness.


If you can control your work, you can approach happiness.
That means that it is unfortunate to be ordered to do monotonous work.
I haven’t read through the theory of happiness yet, but I feel it.
Understanding the radio that is written using a very difficult analogy is a challenge.
I’m proud to read Alain’s theory of happiness in sepia.
However, it is important for me to apply this lesson in the place of expression.
For creators, the intention to learn philosophy is not just to make life meaningful.
It seems that the famous painter Van Gogh was also a devout reader.
A lone creator needs philosophy to deal with daily mental distress.
This is a big discovery for me to continue my creative activities.

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